Acts of Vengeance II.

This image was such a chore.  Worth it, but a chore.

This image was such a chore. Worth it, but a chore.

That’s a montage of second string, scab villains that the Fantastic Four NEVER fights, behind them… I was after a similar approach to the beginning of the often under rated Walt Simonson Fantastic Four run, which began with Marvel’s “Acts of Vengeance” crossover. “Acts of Vengeance” was a bizarre story concept…a cabal of A-list villains gets together, and thinks, “Hey…we usually fight the same superheroes. Let’s trade our dance partners, ande then maybe we can have enough of an advantage to win for once.”

Seriously…that was the idea.

It is not unlike having the Wrecking Crew…usually Thor or the Avengers’ bad guys…fight the FF, like they did in issue four of James Robinson’s current series. Yeah…I’m STILL on that.

About “Acts of Vengeance”…it’s such a simple idea — shuffling around villains so that they fight the heroes they usually wouldn’t — that led to so many odd stories. There was the Captain America comic where the Red Skull, a Nazi, faced off against Magneto, a Holocaust survivor, the surreal issue where Daredevil climbed a mountain of robot skulls to beat Ultron to death with a stick (really), and the first three issues of Walter Simonson’s run on Fantastic Four where the FF, used to battling cosmic threats like Galactus, handily smacked down dozens of low-rent Spider-Man villains. And then there was the story where the Punisher fought Dr. Doom. No joke.

So yeah..that’s at the heart of this posting. It looks as if the FF is in the midst of “Acts of Vengeance II.” they had to fight second stringers that they usually don’t fight, one of them is depowered, and they need to appear in court for a hearing. That’s almost identically the “Acts of Vengeance” plotline, except that the Walt Simonson stories were fun, and positive.

The inks that led to color.

The inks that led to color.

Now…with July started, Comic Con is on the way, as well as Batman Day, so there should be some excellent content en route. Stay tuned, True Believers!


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