Riverdale…A Come Uppance!

I mean, really.

I mean, really.

So…for all the debate about the portrayal of women in comics, I have to call into question Archie comics. Archie, which has been moving units hand over fist lately, is a book where the protagonist (Archie Andrews) actively strings along two or more young ladies as the main plot of the book. To be fair, I am discounting the actively disturbing “Afterlife With Archie” which features stereotypically violent motorcycle riding lesbians and an incestuous relationship as the plot. I’m not old enough to read that book.

I’m talking about main plot Archie. Archie who is simultaneously dating Veronica Lodge and Betty Cooper, and they are BOTH OKAY WITH IT. There are seventy three years of this “Three’s Company” style schtick in the hopper, and no one thinks to complain about it. Seriously, we worry about the treatment of women in Superhero Comics, we trouble about the way that the industry handles its female clients…which are valid points…but no one thinks to be a bit concerned about Archie Andrews, who has been treating women poorly since his book began. Whoa.

Seriously…A Million Moms got angry about a stable monogamous gay relationship in this series, because it was gay (Kevin Keller). Is the message then that it is okay to sleep around, so long as you are doing it heterosexually? Seriously, Million Moms, I’m asking that question…because it seems like that’s your point. Million Moms didn’t go after a single thing in the really, really disturbing “Afterlife With Archie,” which makes the Walking Dead look tame.

About the art…it is hard to draw in the Archie house style. That took EFFORT. This week is all about drawing in different house styles, as I lead up to our issue 800. And, being very, very honest…I have NO idea what issue 800 will be. About six posts away, I’m getting very, very concerned…since that will be next week.

Next Issue: Student Loan Payments!


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