I’m a Robot, He’s a Robot…Wouldn’t you like to be a Robot too?

This?  This is the plot of Original Sin by Marvel.  No joke.

This? This is the plot of Original Sin by Marvel. No joke.

So…we recently learned that Nick Fury lives in a secret orbital satellite accessible via portals, and has been a cosmic hitman keeping aliens off of earth since the ’50s. Apparently the Infinity Formula that kept him young recently chumped out…and he has rapidly aged, using LMDs (Life Model Decoys…robots, True Believers) to stand in for him for a while now. An undisclosed amount of time actually.

We initially discover this when Winter Soldier maroons his comrades there while he teleports back to Earth and kills Nick Fury. Nice. Later, as Gamora fights Bucky, the head of Nick Fury that the Winter Soldier was holding was revealed to be the head of a Life Model Decoy. Bucky revealed he had tracked down the signal of the Life Model Decoy’s chip to the satellite. As Emma Frost was questioning Black Panther whether they were actually working for Nick Fury or not, an elder Nick Fury revealed himself accompanied by other Life Model Decoys of him.

Follow that?

Good. In order to give an explanation, Nick Fury told the heroes a story about his past. During a mission in Kansas, Fury found himself trying to fight off the aliens known as Tribellians. His forces were overpowered, but the tables were turned once Woody McCord arrived and defeated the monsters before being fatally injured. Woody McCord’s partner Howard Stark arrived to the scene and discovered Nick Fury alongside Woody’s corpse. He decided to show Nick Fury the work Woody McCord had been doing as defender of Earth, neutralizing any potential threat for the planet, and offered him Woody’s job. Nick Fury accepted and over the next years would secretly fight different super human threats from aliens to Subterranean monsters and extra-dimensional beings.

When Black Panther asked what happened to Uatu the Watcher, Nick Fury replied merely that he had died, but also that he now supposed it was his turn. Nick explained the heroes that because he now lacked the Infinity Formula in his blood, he was rapidly aging and was going to die. Nick Fury had carefully chosen those heroes to follow his trail as he wanted one of them to be his replacement.

But…the question on my mind is twofold.

One…if you’re an alien or some other extreme deviation from humanity, Nick Fury is licensed to kill you? Whoa.

Two…how long has he been using LMDs? In Secret Invasion, when his girlfriend Contessa turns out to be a Skrull, he hearses her big time. Was that an LMD Nick Fury? So…it’s okay that a murder robot killed off an alien? Plus…we were supposed to think Skrull Contessa was bad because she was intimate with Fury, but secretly an Alien. Isn’t Nick as bad as she is, since she thought he was a human and he was really a robot decoy?

Or was he?

The ethics and risk factor of tons of stories are now totally up for grabs. Plus, Nick’s own ethics are retroactively questionable. Some aliens you tolerate, but most you put a cosmic bullet into? How do you decide? What’s the slippery slope?

What was the point of SWORD, Marvel’s Men in Black organization? If you had Nick and army of robot doubles just taking out alien threats, so secretly that no one knew?

Marvel is the House of Ideas…just not the House of Well Thought Out Ideas.

Why is our hero so agitated? You decide, True Believers.

Next Issue: New Ideas for Marvel!


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