Secret Wars: Age of Beyond!

We haven't seen the Beyonder in a while.  He doesn't look so good.  Poor guy.  The end of the 80's wasn't too good for him.

We haven’t seen the Beyonder in a while. He doesn’t look so good. Poor guy. The end of the 80’s wasn’t too good for him.

I’ve been griping a whole lot about the creative bankruptcy of big Marvel Events. I’ve been really unhappy with the “everything you know is wrong” or, “this will be a game changer for continuity,” or “comics will never be the same!” mentality that they all seem to sport. Comics invariably return to the status quo, it’s the way of characters and licenses that are serialized. Secret Wars was really the first of these massive Marvel events, with Spider-Man’s black uniform being introduced.

Yes, that was a big deal. Yes, it lasted a long time. Spider-Man is back in his Red and Blue uniform, and has been for a while. He has in fact changed uniform a couple of times since, usually always related to a major “event”, like Civil War. The idea of the lasting change that these “events” promise just doesn’t play out.

However, equally as often, the main plot of the “Event” book itself if pretty disappointing. Right now, “Original Sin” is playing out as blah, and Marvel’s “Infinity” was all about introducing a character we haven’t seen since. “Civil War” seems memorable, because of the whole “Whose Side Are You On?” meme, but as you look back at it…it isn’t that well constructed a story. It was the first of the current crop of Marvel Crossovers, right before the Iron Man film went to theatres…the beginning of the sort of relentless editorially driven meta-plot schedule.

Above, is my offering to the House of Ideas. The Beyonder, a cosmic being that drove both Secret Wars and Secret Wars II is back. More powerful than any superhero, able to make Galactus blink, an omnipotent force, naive about human ways. The Beyonder discovers miller Genuine Draft, and on a bender, has superheroes fight it out with whatever pops into mind.

Is it good? Not so much.

Is it better than Secret Wars II? Here’s a link. Buy and read it. I dare you. Those three panels above are GOLD by comparison.

Better than A vs. X? Hmmm…hard to say…but Avengers vs. X-Mean wasn’t that good. It was mostly “licenses owned by Disney can beat up licenses owned by Fox.” I think it has more to sell it than “Infinity” and “Original Sin,” though. The idea structure, the basic plot is better.

Which depresses me. I love comics, I just want something that’s an EVENT to be something to look forward to.

I seem to be including Deadpool a whole lot lately, despite not being too fond of the character. I wish I could explain it away, but right now, I can’t. At times, I think it’s because he’s sort of a Union Mercenary, but rarely am I aligned with them. Maybe it will all be revealed in Secret Wars IV: Original Infinity.

Next Issue: The Meeting!

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