Dark Reign: The Art of the Deal

Drawing seedy looking backgrounds is hard.

Drawing seedy looking backgrounds is hard.

The day of this post, my co-teacher and I will be going in to have a sit down meeting with the Chief Academic Officer of Pledge LA. I used to illustrate Pledge LA as an imperial establishment, much like the empire from Star Wars. There has been a total turnover of Pledge LA staff in the past year, and they have supported ideas that I can only consider a bit…shady. Thusly, I’m tending to lump them, illustratively, into the much more concrete, street level aspect of the Rascals concept.

Also..being fair…they were the recipient of the communication that declared us “Rascals.” It only seemed logical to extend the concept of the Rascals, which I have been enjoying. A sort of half baked mercenary group that picks jobs at the street level. Less cosmic, more cynical..very much my frame of mind.

So what is the meeting about? Good question, True Believer.

We are going to hash out some basic operational concerns. They begin with important issues like, “Can we expect the Darths to retaliate against us?” That’s at the forefront of the discussion, because Darth himself tended to ask us to leave (more than once) and at the end of the year more or less used actually doing his job as a threat. Should he have said that in front of a room full of people? Probably not. Was he mad about being called out on fumbling the ball once again? Yes…yes he was.

I’m coming in with terms. Basic terms, terms that make me happy, that relate to being able to function until we are done. They start with a withdrawal of our influence and opinion from the day to day operation of the school. No more budgets, no more Tool Site Council. No more suggestions of how to deploy technology, not more advice on lesson planning, no more organization of a whole grade level. All of that was free…as in unpaid to us, and further, clearly unwanted. If things go bad financially…that’s not on us.

Next…no more supervision of areas that are not under our direct control. My building will be safe, secure, and highly monitored…by us. The Darths can pick up the slack on the rest. However…we will be lobbying for strict school uniform enforcement, and making that an operational sticking point. Last year, a huge number of students were wearing gang colors by year’s end. In a related point, administrative acknowledgement of the gang problem is necessary. Denying it only empowers it on campus.

Also…he literally threatened us with our evaluations. As two teachers of the year, we really don’t care…evals are good. Still…you don’t get to do that in front of a room full of people. Even if it were contractually appropriate to evaluate us…which it isn’t…I will be calling for a ban on him really entering our classes or addressing us. That will make it pretty impossible for him, or his sidekick to be our supervisors at all, but we have a plan to solve that. Easy peasy.

Finally…the true colors were revealed over the holiday policy. That needs to not be the case anymore, otherwise…serious hardball will apply. We will be leaving the door open to terminating Darth, as a means of appeasing us.

Ultimately, it’s not a bad deal. It consists of “stay out of our way until we are gone, and we will stay out of yours.” It is very much like an old school mob movie turf deal, with leverage attached.

Hence, the artwork. It speaks for itself, really.

Logo free artwork.

Logo free artwork.

I haven’t been inking much, since soon I’ll be going back to school…and to keep up the content pace, I’m probably not going to be doing as much inking. This worked pretty well without inks, which is good. Whew. I’m not so happy about the new costume to some degree. In images reaching forward to next Monday, our hero is looking haggard, and butch. Granted, she’s supposed to be tough, and not real happy about things…but that seems like a departure from the character.

It’s moreso in this one, and the Monday post…both images that I like. It’s an interesting issue with the costume direction, really. The coat is supposed to be large and ill fitting, and the more military clothing really hides her figure, if it’s drawn to look right. I’m sure it will work itself out.

Much like this meeting.


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