Still Life with @#$ Kicking.

This post?  It's the one that makes PETA mad.

This post? It’s the one that makes PETA mad.

In that first panel, our hero is getting a much needed workout on a grizzly bear. The reasoning actually has to deal with the meeting that I sat in today. I came equipped with two things when I chose to discuss the real need for uniform enforcement at our school. After asserting that our school had a gang problem, I turned to the press stock photo from Operation: Gremlin Riderz…of a young person dressed in the same fashion as say…ten percent of our school by year’s end. After displaying the stock photo, of that young person, in colors, being questioned by a federal agent, I pulled up the Tactical Gang Map of Los Angeles. Color coded by turf, it clearly shows our school as the border between multiple warring factions.

A war that we would like to keep off campus.

Why the bear? Well…about a third of our students have taken to wearing the California tourist hoodie, with the flag and the bear on it. My co-teacher and I are very, very tired of it…and technically, it too is a way around the uniform policy.

Why are uniforms important? No reason except emergencies, where it is far, far easier to identify your students. That’s it. We had enough emergencies last year, that I’m a bigger proponent of the idea.

How is that not the "take away" from Michael Chrichton's "Congo?"

How is that not the “take away” from Michael Chrichton’s “Congo?”

Although the policies of the meeting, in terms of hammering out a “we can live with it deal” with Pledge LA were very fair, and mostly involved taking a step back and away…indeed, a laser was brought to the monkeyfight. With a “heads up” going into the meeting, other meetings were had before, and the fine people came ready to deal. Our terms were sensible, and no one wanted to delve into the clipboard of documents in front of me. At this moment in time, it seems like a fair “don’t @#$% with me, and I won’t @#$% with you” arrangement will exist until we find a better gig.

We were in fact asked to create that better gig. Pledge LA is looking to expand, and open a rather innovative Pilot or Charter. They wanted to know if we wanted in on the committee to do so, and write the proposal. It was a tempting offer, that would make toughing out the year palatable…as a new teaching job, at a school of our own design, would be at the end of the tunnel. Away from Darth.

It was openly admitted that Darth made mistakes. That’s fine, and we were clear that at this point…we don’t really have the mindset, even months removed, to deal with him directly. As it is, there are already problems on the horizon, and Pledge LA seemed a bit troubled that we were not going to lend our mindset to short term solutions. Ultimately, not our problem.

Bringing the metaphorical laser helped. A lot. To their credit, though, Pledge LA came to the table with SMART. Possibly because of the laser, possibly because they want us to lend our names and abilities to their proposal. Possibly both.

That's just mega-giraffe getting WORKED.

That’s just mega-giraffe getting WORKED.

There’s not much to the last panel except what it is. Mega Giraffe taking it on the chin. Did the long necked beast try to take that gin? We may never know.


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