The Last Weekend.

It's important to look closely for everything going on here.

It’s important to look closely for everything going on here.

For those not “in the know,” Gojira is what Godzilla is called in Japan. Obviously, Fin Fang Foom is not Godzilla, but Foom is fun to draw. Also note that Foom has hearts on his boxershorts. Foom is a sensitive giant monster.

A lot of the post today came from the constant yammering I’m now exposed to about Disney somehow “messing up” Star Wars or Marvel products. The fact is, my last few Star Wars films were “meh” at best….whereas the Marvel movies have been Full of Win. Full to the gills with Win…even if they are Fin Fang Foom’s gills. I don’t see where the big track record of “messing things up” is that leads to this kind of silly talk.

Also officially old is the statement that Thor, who will be replaced by a female Thor, is now a Disney Princess. Possibly true, except that the Thor character will also be alongside an unworthy Thor Odinson, Prince of Asgard…so maybe not. Remember, the sledge says on it “Whosoever Holds This Hammer, If He Be Worthy, Shall Have the Power of THOR.” Might need to edit the pronoun on that…and oddly, it’s in English. Still…the new Thor can be a Goddess of Thunder without being a Princess.

Also, the joke was old before its time, what with all the Princess Leia Disney Princess humor from the Lucasfilm purchase. My favorite of those was Amy Mebberson’s, here.

Still…when I was including a princess in the art above, I was going to go with a pointy hat style princess. Then I thought of a Disney Princess…but I couldn’t think of one that was particularly mean. Upon reflection, Leia is kind of on the mean side. She rags on Luke for being short as he is rescuing her, then criticizes Han and Chewie’s ride, which they slave over. She constantly acts to make Han jealous, and is generally kind of cranky. I figured if anyone would tell a giant dragon wearing underpants to mess with our hero, it would be her.

Sad Ben Grimm was just a bonus.

Then I thought…why NOT make Leia a Disney Princess?

Half an hour later…

We like the IDEA of princesses here.

We like the IDEA of princesses here.

Then, I felt bad, like Thor was being left out. I also didn’t feel like some gender related joke was called for…he’s a Disney Prince right now, straight up. That’s a straight up fact, Bro. Which led to this, a half an hour or so later…

Oooh!  Dreamy!

Oooh! Dreamy!

These were pretty fun to do…which is appropriate, because with the new school calendar, I have a week of Fancy Training next week, followed by kids in front of me the following week. I was pretty frank in the meeting I had on Thursday with Pledge LA about not wanting to go back. I wanted something really fun, because in many ways, next week can be an End to Fun.

Next Issue: Training Days!


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