Safe and Civil.

Possible non fiction.

Possible non fiction.

So…this day of training is in the “Safe and Civil” program. Apparently, this is a program that when introduced to a school, increases academic achievement, decreases hooliganism, and generally makes rainbows appear on command. I can’t speak to that, because I did not attend the multi state conferences that are used to sell this to me as the “end all be all” of campus safety.

I find it hard to see how a any generic system can possibly address the problems that drive inner city schools and their students. The humans involved in inner city situations are rational, and through the exercise of their reason with respect to circumstance, have evaluated their chosen solutions as successful outcomes. In short, there is little that a canned system can do to change their world view on matters of meeting their basic needs in our society. Occam’s Razor has been applied to Maslow’s reasoning, and the mainstream college bound culture has been found wanting by my students’ framework.

Hence the artwork. I’ve worked in the inner city for sixteen years now, and I don’t presume to have all the answers for my students. Can any canned program do that for me? I haven’t seen the presenter yet, but how many lockdowns has she sat through? How many armed gunmen has she talked down? How much real life or death responsibility has sat in her hands? I ask because I don’t work in an office. I, personally, am where the rubber meets the road on safety, and I take it very seriously.

No seminar, or conference can teach that. There are times when people have trusted their children into my care, and I need to step up to the plate to do my level best to take care of them. In loco parentis means in place of the parent….meaning that I have to be that seriously. No hiding in my office like Darth…the rule is “If that were my kid’s life on the line, what would I want?” It’s a tough ruling, but I know several VP’s and teachers that step up to the plate regularly.

I’m concerned that on this day of training, our school will try to sugar coat.

Thankfully, I’m still an employee.

And me? I won’t let that @#$% @#$%^%$# happen, Broseph.

Summary tomorrow, True Believers.


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