Back to the Five Hundred Building!

Not unlike the condition of my classroom.

Not unlike the condition of my classroom.

Today, movers from the district arrived to transport our class materials from where we were exiled in “No Man’s Land,” and back to our headquarters in the five Hundred building. this happened fairly quickly and efficiently, which was a very pleasant surprise. I need more of them on a day to day basis. Now, the remaining toil is getting those materials into a semblance of usefulness, and the materials for class ready for Day One of school….a day that is really quite close.

The Five Hundred building has been successfully rid of toxins and so forth, which is certainly a good thing. As I try to set things in order for my first day, I am all too aware that the bell schedule for classes has just been finalized, but the schedule of classes and teaming of teachers…might be a bit of a problem. My philosophy for this year of focusing on the students and not being agitated about lack of planning and efficiency in operation is being sorely tested. I, for one, am very happy to have the basic needs of my own room and headquarters handled…or at least within the grasp of handling.

Having seen Guardians of the Galaxy, I have to declare in this very public forum that it was excellent. As awesome a film as it was, you rarely have a chance to hear about a company like Marvel doing right by creators in times like this. You certainly rarely hear it from me. Well…Bill Mantlo, co-creator of Rocket Raccoon, has been living in a care facility ever since a 1992 hit-and-run accident left him suffering from brain damage. But, thanks to Marvel, he still had a chance to see his beloved wise-cracking character come to life in the new blockbuster film “Guardians Of The Galaxy.”

Marvel arranged a special bedside screening.

“Bill had the HAPPIEST DAY OF HIS LIFE,” his brother and legal guardian, Michael Mantlo, wrote on Facebook. “I will NEVER be able to thank them enough for all that they have done for Bill!” Bill Mantlo and Keith Giffen created the character of Rocket Raccoon in 1976, which first appeared in “The Incredible Hulk” comic.

Our hero and rocket teaching the Hulk how to read.

Our hero and rocket teaching the Hulk how to read.

Kind of an awesome thing that Marvel did, bringing comfort and excitement to a creator in need. If anyone thinks that Bill Mantlo is getting @#$%ed as Marvel makes money hand over fist with Guardians, Mantlo’s brother says that the family has an “excellent” relationship with Marvel and Bill has been compensated for his work. However, the family still needs help paying for the 62-year-old’s care.

Cards, letters and donations toward Bill’s care can be sent to:

Mike Mantlo
26364 East Pintail Road
Long Neck, DE 19966

I’m figuring on writing him a letter. Over the years, his creations have given me a lot of joy. Donations can also be made via PayPal, with more information here.

Diverse post today, True Believers. A bit about moving back to the old part of school, a bit about the comics industry. I’ve gotten a whole lot of drawing done for Monday’s post, so I’m still ahead…but foolishly, I’ve been drawing mostly two page days like today. If I stuck to one page a day, I could get a serious backlog going.

Still..I’ve got through Monday! Yay!


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