Professionalism, Squirrel Darths, and Fronty’s Apple Store.

I'm wondering if the new helmet counts as "professional dress"?

I’m wondering if the new helmet counts as “professional dress”?

It does, of course, if you are a professional @#$ kicker. The one line of Monday’s “pupil free” agenda that really got my dander up was about professionalism in “punctuality, dress, words and deeds.” I find this troublesome because the Darths are often late, off campus, or leaving early. The idea of trying to govern any of those things espouses a hypocrisy level that is hard to come by. It’s also the ground work of attempting to write up myself and History Amazon. The word “professional” is thrown around a whole lot, and it really means “following the overtly polite norms of corporate culture.”

So when I lose my mind in a public forum because I had to resuscitate a twelve year old boy, who was seizing…that’s called “unprofessional.” Not supervising the area…that’s fine. The fact that I provided professional level first aid care…not so important, because I took the time to shout at the top of my lungs at the people that would find the same thing happening to their own child unacceptable.

Calling out people on their Bull@#$%? Unprofessional, apparently. Holding people above your pay grade accountable? Unprofessional.

No wonder our hero needs a new helmet.

When Darth starts showing up on time, and leaving after me…that will be a start to this sort of mandate flying. His predecessor, Boss, was always there before me, and I had to argue with her to get her to go home. That example…the example of her conduct, what what made me willing to follow wherever she led. Simply because she would always be right there with me, doing the job. You know, like a “professional.”

So many Darths!

So many Darths!

Remember that “Rule of Two” for Darths? Not at my school. Even the least experienced, the people that will be RIF’d should that happen again, are showing signs of Darthiness. Some of the most junior staff, that I represented by putting my job and reputation on the line, are now pretty much setting themselves up as minor Darths.

This should come to a head with the selection/election of Department heads and a Union rep today. I write “selection” because that’s how it is written in the agenda. Forget that the process is for teachers to nominate and vote for those positions…due process isn’t important at all. Darth and Pledge LA have both made their preference for at least the English department chair known, and are willing to try and push it through.

Interestingly…I have “no dog in that fight.” So long as Darth, and any minor Squirrel Darths stay out of my way, that will be just fine. I most certainly do not want to perform any of those functions on campus.

If the Don-Bot says it's not a front, trust the Don-Bot.  Note the Apple logos.

If the Don-Bot says it’s not a front, trust the Don-Bot. Note the Apple logos.

I’m not saying that there seems to be an unkosher deal about the technology that I have to use in education. I’m not saying that at all. I’m strongly suggesting it to anyone that has eyes and a brain. I’m just not saying it.

Apple is replacing our technology, with new stuff, less than a year after the old stuff was bought, at a 50 percent markup from MSRP. Today, I’m getting trained in a new student attendance and grading system that is entirely online, and the result of a legal mandate, due to a lawsuit.

I dunno, Pony. Could be a front.

I’m going to sit through all of this…the “professionalism talk,” the possibly staged elections of Department heads and Union Reps, and the presentation of technology that seems to have a rather healthy “greasing of the palm” attached. Through all of it, I am going to try and keep my damn mouth shut. That’s the goal.

Let’s see how that goes.

Next Issue: Day One!


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