Day One…! (Launch?)

Does this look needlessly complex and disorganized at the same time?  You've got it, then.

Does this look needlessly complex and disorganized at the same time? You’ve got it, then.

As I write this, I am mere hours away from the launch of the 2014-2015 school year. The MiSIS system of attendance and grading simply doesn’t work, handwriting based attendance rosters are not up to date or distributed, and basic “are you in my class?” procedures are not set to go. We do have a school song though, and I am told that we are an “excellent staff, ready to perform great things.” I was a little sarcastic about the last, by the way.

This year, we have a “block rotation schedule.” So…I won’t meet all of my students on Day One, except I’m told that I might. No joke…tomorrow’s schedule is still slightly up for grabs. most probably, it will go like this:

-We arrive at school, before the students.
-Students are checked in, and told to go look for a homeroom teacher.
-The homeroom teachers, myself included, hang around with a sign that has our name on it. We do that for a while, until we have what looks like might be a class.
-The students that I have follow me to class, where I serve Breakfast. Seriously…more on that later.
-Any straggling students are somehow directed to my room, and checked in.

After that, periods One, Three, Five and Seven will happen, on a shortened day schedule. The next day I will meet the remainder of my students for the first time, those being periods Two, Four, Six, and Eight…but those classes will have sessions of ninety minutes, on a full day schedule.

Confused yet? Imagine if you were thirteen.

I haven’t been provided course content for one of those classes, and the actual course sections for the English classes re still undefined. Despite this, I am holding my tongue on criticism, and attempting to soldier through as if this was somehow reasonable. I know, deep in my soul, that if my first day of school as a child had so little order to it, my father would have been out for blood.

Still, today it was asserted that a “virtue of professionalism is flexibility.” For a moment I thought to assert that “flexibility” didn’t mean putting up with incompetence…but I let it go. I have exactly no dogs in that fight.

Still, my general feeling is this:

Pony's thought balloon says it all.

Pony’s thought balloon says it all.

With basically two first days of school, given this arcane schedule, I have no idea what to expect. Hence the bewildering, surreal environment that our hero and Pony are in with the art for Page One today.

Next Issue: Day One…Again!


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