Day One, Part Two…A Confederacy of Dunces.

Exhausting...why, yes.

Exhausting…why, yes.

Before I look forward to the second day of school, I have to take a moment to look back, and reflect. To consider the monumental lack of planning going into the first day of school, and then add to it the epic level failure of the District’s new MiSIS student information system. The failure of a system that does scheduling and attendance would usually be a catastrophe of insane proportions. Add in a dash of hubris, and an unwillingness to consult anyone who had ever run an opening day of the school before, and you have a truly unique effect…a Perfect Storm of Fail.

First…students were to check in at tents on the PE Field, and get their homeroom assignments. Instead of going up to homeroom, I was to meet the students on the field, holding a sign with my name on it, not unlike an airport chauffeur. This of course, did not take into account the rolling arrival of many students and families, nor any amount of check in time. Roughly a half an hour was spent on the yard, accumulating roughly two thirds of the class.

When we did adjourn, the lunchlady staff decline to send along breakfast, for reasons still unknown. The bell to dismiss to period one did not ring. My science teacher had no idea what time it was, or that she should dismiss students to another class…in fact, she had somehow not been given any student schedules.

All of the room numbers for my team were incorrect.

This was all before nine. Things continued to hemorrhage, and at one point, Darth himself was inconsolable. Corporate “professionalism” was showing cracks.

Oddly…my team and I were less stressed. Knowing that things were going to go horribly, we were resigned to it, and planned for chaotic idiocy. As a result, we were forearmed, and able to cope. The sad part is that many of the problems could have been averted by just making a real matrix of classes back in May like I had demanded, in accordance with the contract. Doing it that way would have given a solid foundation, instead of the quicksand like structure of improvisation that the schedule is built on.

At the day’s end, we were pretty tired.

Sgt. Pony of the Hoofy Commandos is my back to school pony. Straight up…we went to Build-A-Bear and built a pretty militant pony. In camouflage with a helmet, Sgt. Pony provides a stern motivational message to me, if not the kids.

The day of this post, we get to do it again. Seriously, it is a second first day of school, if your mind can handle that. On even days, students have one schedule, and on odd days, another. So day two, all of this confusion will be revisited, with lost schedules added to the mixture.

As I left school, a Confederacy was forming to address these issues…notably after the school began. In addition, we have no department chairs, no Union rep, and no Tool Site Council. Organizational chaos, in a chaotic environment.

No wonder Sgt. Pony is so strict.


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