Total Eclipse of the Heart.

Easily one of the roughest panels in Adequacy, that second.

Easily one of the roughest panels in Adequacy, that second.

This one isn’t that funny.

I drew it during Pupil Free Day, when the teachers met with Admin about the opening day proceedings. Things weren’t that well planned or laid out, and the large contingent of new teachers was very happy to “go with the flow.” The “group therapy” approach to team building, in concert with a certain uniformity of viewpoint merged pretty seamlessly with the “new way forward.” Suddenly, opinions of attire, punctuality, and actions were becoming matters of policy, with a sort of tacit nodding of approval. I would have considered it a leeching of individuality, if there had been much of that to start with.

Right now, I don’t know that it is all that big a deal. The staff is what it is, and it is more important to have them be unified and motivated than to have them stand for actual ideas or ideals. Thankfully, having returned to the Five Hundred Building, my team is able to quarantine itself from the chaos ensuing elsewhere, and secure our own Mini-School. Still, to watch the tacit agreement with things that I KNOW would not be acceptable at a school on the Westside….with a shrug, and the “it’s the school culture” statement…it’s disheartening.

That’s where the art came from. Somehow, a large contingent of young, crusading, “let’s make a difference” type people have bought into the current way, have partaken of the proverbial Kool Aid. There’s an agreement with “that’s the way it is,” “the system is broken,” and a general acceptance of the status quo so long as there is a joke, or a speech. Instead of having issue with Darth, or the Darths for that, I take more issue with the younger, newer people. It seems as if they have sacrificed and individuality, a vitality of purpose, for a doctrine and a job. to a large degree, I find that more reprehensible than being at the top, and jaded.

Hence, Panel Two. It seemed to me as I drew it that it wouldn’t be that big an injury to have a super strong alien woman rip out your heart, if you had already sold the purpose and vitality that ran your executive functions. When one is merely “going through the motions,” there is little harm that can be done to them. That’s why the Zom clone looks startled, but not in pain. You can’t follow the plan, and recite the one-liners or the scripted lessons, if you’re a few feet off the ground suddenly. There’s no protocol beamed through your Robo-Tiara about that.

Interestingly, the first Guardians of the Galaxy, back in the Seventies, used to fight these dehumanized, robotized people in the far future, called Zoms. The Badoon…lizard men, would conquer a planet, and lobotomize the people into robots. Maybe seeing Guardians got me thinking of it.

The second panel.  I considered coloring it...but I haven't fully decided on the colors of our hero's more tactical gear yet.

The second panel. I considered coloring it…but I haven’t fully decided on the colors of our hero’s more tactical gear yet.

Cathartic, but not funny. Fatal…but not serious.

Related to the title…click here. That’s certainly hilarious, and endorsed by my whole team.

Next Issue: No Odinsleep for the Rascals!


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