Big Time Weekend!



Normally, with the first week of school knocked out, I spend the majority of the weekend sleeping. This week has been particularly taxing, so the normal intent beckons. Still, this weekend features a number of things that demand my attention: a friend I haven’t seen in ages, Japanese Barbecue, Ponies, out of town guests, and a Birthday Party. Needless to say, these are things to attempt to stay awake for.

The birthday party is a pretty big deal, all told, and the hope is that no Alien Symbiotes are inside the cake, as above. The problem with Alien Symbiotes, though, is that you never know where they might show up. It can be a pretty big surprise. In the case above, the cake is ready to eat you, not the usual vice versa.

So confusing!  Norrin is going to be mad...

So confusing! Norrin is going to be mad…

The post above is inspired by Superheroes and Ponies, which you can see here. The setting of the Adorable Zone is key here, since nothing really bad ever happens in the Adorable Zone. Still, sometimes things can get a bit out of hand, with all sorts of people, or tree people, deciding different things to do at once. Unlike work, though, rarely is there ever a major issue, something that can’t be worked out by asking a Pony. In this case, a Giant Pony.

Also, I’ll have to do some serious drawing on Sunday. I am no longer several days ahead…at this point, I am current with what is happening. Time to literally hit the drawing board.

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