Deadly Grounds!

As hazardous as a Mario Game, but far less amusing.

As hazardous as a Mario Game, but far less amusing.

Our campus, now with students present, is undergoing “transformation.” That’s Darth’s big word, the positive sounding word that is supposed to move us “forward and upward.” Whenever a change happens, that is challenging, we are “transforming” the school, and often have to be patient with “the process.”

In a direct physical sense, that transformation is fascinating. While school is in session, our Auditorium is being cleared of asbestos, the front of the school is being physically painted, restricting access to the front parking lot, and various tasks involving open trenches in the ground are occurring. Heavy machinery is commonplace on campus, as are construction men.

In fact, just the other day, my co-teacher’s ancient Air Conditioning unit gave up the ghost. After a disturbing sound, it started to emit noxious smoke instead of cool air, forcing an evacuation of her class. Thankfully, with so many construction men on campus, it was repairable the same day.

I will note that in this industrial hazard laden environment of power tools and major construction machinery, we managed to reschedule a safety drill three times during a single day. It was especially troubling to see how my students responded to the noxious but harmless smoke from the air con unit…the level of disorder was a moderate safety risk in itself.

Newer teachers don’t know better…they can’t. For a veteran, seeing the kind of day to day operational concerns that a Westside school’s PTA would be up in arms about is troubling to say the least. Still…I have been keeping my opinions to myself, since I cut a Deal. Today’s staff meetings had me exercising control over my mouth to a large degree, especially when our staff sat in Positive Conflict Resolution Circles with each other.

I @#$% you not, True Believers.

Still…I am proud of the level of self control that I was able to exert, and not say anything negative or critical. Sure…I didn’t look happy, but no one says I have to look happy.

Still…this is what the art is about. Our physical environment at school literally changes from minute to minute, creating video game like physical hazards. The art…is almost not metaphorical, Gentle Reader.

Next Issue: Fantastic Few!

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