The Curse of Ten Thousand!

I often dread reading my district e-mail, because of the systematic uselessness within.

I often dread reading my district e-mail, because of the systematic uselessness within.

As I write this, I am checking my District E-mail. i don’t have ten thousand unread messages, but I am always skirting the limits of their tiny storage. I use the mail system as a form of record keeping, and there is not a large amount of space. Frequently, I have to go through and clear out large documents that are fundamentally spam, interspersed amidst the “atta boy!” style mails to the entire staff by our Darths.

That’s not to say that important ideas aren’t relayed via email. This week we were told that we were MANDATED to serve on various committees outside of paid school time, and also that the school campus would be locked down after four o’clock. Take that together people. The orders work together as…”stay late for no pay…but you can’t leave if you stay late.” That’s a lot like the order to “put some skin in the game” on supervision, without compensating anyone at all.

I get at least twenty to thirty e-mails a day to my district account, few of them useful at all.

Hence the artwork. My co-teacher, History Amazon, loves using technology to communicate, and as such, doesn’t always understand my “hands on” approach. The way that I deal with professional technology, or instructional technology bewilders and confounds her…since I find it only as useful as it’s least beneficial component. For my views on current instructional tech and it’s usage, one need only click this link, and look at the report that clearly indicates the graft that I have suspected for about a year now.

I shouldn’t say graft, because that suggests motives that were intelligent. In this case, a group of people who were far from experts (the school board) made major financial decisions about an idea (instructional tech) with no knowledge or expertise. That’s crazy….and resulted in exactly what we would expect.

Still…my e-mail account predates the bad tech decisions. I should probably clear it out a bit, and change the password before it expires.

Next Issue: Confidence, Confidential!

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