MiSiS On Earth 8255!

I liked the idea of this more than the finished product.  note that Doctor Fate is absent from the JSA.

I liked the idea of this more than the finished product. note that Doctor Fate is absent from the JSA.

If you have been reading the news, you know that the school district, LAUSD, has a new computer tracking system called MiSiS. The system, called My Integrated Student Information System, or MiSiS, is billed on the LAUSD website as “the next generation of the district’s solution for entering, managing, analyzing and reporting all data connected to every single student.”

It was launched to comply with federal law and a nearly 20-year-old court settlement reached after the district admitted losing the records of a student with learning disabilities and failing to attend to her special education needs, resulting in the 17-year-old having to repeat 10th grade three times.

It doesn’t work all that well. News reports on that can be found here, here, and here.

This is a big problem, and I do not debate that. Huge in fact, and preventing the sort of things that it was supposed to cure…for instance, i have no idea who my special education students are, and no way to look it up. Or…there is a student that speaks zero English at all in my advanced literature class, and no one seems aware of it despite my repeated notes. The system, after all, doesn’t register a problem.

We are now two weeks into school, with schedules a work of fiction, and no steady class structure. With a five week report card looming, the fact that five percent of the school year, or ten percent of first semester has been hurled into the void is something that administrators are only too happy to fob off on the “MiSiS Crisis.” Fun to say, but not all that accurate.

See…we KNEW that the MiSiS system had bugs. That it might not work. School, as you may know, happened for many decades BEFORE the prevalence of computers. It would have been possible to make a backup schedule, the old fashioned way, on paper. A giant chart, with written schedule cards that are distributed to students. All very possible…it happened annually before the coming of microcomputers.

We did not do that. So now…we reap the whirlwind. Except…not so much. There is a convenient, heavy press coverage excuse for why things aren’t right, which is deployed constantly. “MiSiS is a huge problem, so your classes aren’t right.” “No IEPs yet, MiSiS won’t let us in.” “We can’t get your teaming right, the MiSiS system is @#$%ed up.”

Somehow…this excuse does not extend to my daily attendance. Curious.

For the time being, MiSiS is the “nuclear whipping boy” for everything wrong with scheduling. Still…the wise observer sees that where it is a problem, it is also a very convenient excuse.

The art without the logos.  Our heroes are still boned.

The art without the logos. Our heroes are still boned.

The art is as always, heavy handed. On the top level of the hourglass we have a Robot, a half robot douchebag, a Union Hulk, and a mercenary. In their way, they are scrambling to stop the sand from flowing, but only one of them is even remotely on task…guaranteeing failure. On the bottom level, we have our hero, Sgt. Pony, History Amazon, a Zom and a Middle Aged Mutant Ninja Turtle. They are trying to avoid the fallout, but that secondhand shield is cheap, True Believers. inside the hourglass, because no matter what, report cards and parent conference night…accountability…is coming.

Outside the hourglass are the more senior heroes of Earth-2, troubled but bemused. Their computer free world couldn’t even have this problem. This technological terror of MiSiS is entirely a nightmare of our own creation. Like most nightmares, if you just wake the #$%@ up, it’s over, and you can go about your day.

Next Issue: DC Sketch Cover Madness: Multiversity!

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