Patience (The Virtue Mentioned at Length by Guns n’ Roses)

This is a classier version of her more tactical outfit.  More "Agents of SHIELD".

This is a classier version of her more tactical outfit. More “Agents of SHIELD”.

Today, a large number of things came together to annoy me. Administrative things, that should have been handled above my pay grade, but haven’t been. It was a hard day, which culminated in an after school meeting that began with the Talking Circle, and ended with a new Tool Site Council being elected.

I am only too glad to be free of Tool Site Council responsibilities, as well as with several other dramas. The deal that resulted in our current modus operandi expressly stated a removal from day to day school operations on the part of my co-teacher, and myself. My class sizes and rosters are not yet stabilized…heck, they are fictitious. This is something that I’m having to speak up about, and stridently, since it impacts my ability to shut up and do my job.

We were informed today that later in the month, observers will be coming through to gather “data” on the level of implementation on a curriculum for “academic language” that we haven’t even been given the teacher’s guides for. This is supposed to happen during a “Career Awareness” elective that most, if not all teachers are carrying. That elective, obviously, has little to no curriculum. Neither, of course, does my homeroom/advisory at the beginning of the day, which exists for the facilitation of handing out breakfast, and our now nonexistent iPads.

This comedy of errors in scheduling, and failure to provide materials would not happen at a school on the West Side of LA. It is depressing, and hard in the extreme to keep my mouth shut. Still, there is a plan, and it is a solid one…I merely need to wait out the current problems, and come out the other side. In the mean time, I need to focus on teaching English, the job that I was ostensibly hired for. I was certainly not hired to serve breakfast, or for that matter teach about careers for an hour and a half every other day.

Waiting, and not acting, while things are going poorly is hard. It’s an act of will, in fact. Having the patience to sit through, and wait until all excuses are exhausted, and there is no one and nothing else to finger and fob off blame onto…it’s a chore that could tax the most saintly. Simply put, I’m not that saintly, nor that patient. I am of the real belief that my students deserve better RIGHT NOW, and I should be making that happen.

Tomorrow will at least show progress toward resolving the scheduling and operational issues. The so called “MiSiS Crisis” is no longer a viable excuse, as we have been tolerant for twice the length of the timeline we were told would fix it. Scheduling should solidify, and my class rosters should become connected to the reality of the students in front of me. Whether the schedule, or the class rosters will comply with state law and grant guidelines…that’s another question. A good question, True Believers.

Still…Axl Rose counsels “patience.” He also has a propensity to smash furniture and musical instruments, which is also valid in a given context.

The art is about being told to keep it in line. To stick to the simple objective, be a good soldier, and follow the Plan. Our hero has a bit of trouble with that, backtalking Maria Hill a bit. Also, this is another iteration of the protagonist’s current ensemble, this one more of an Agents of SHIELD/Super Soldier version. I kind of like it…it at least makes another appearance tomorrow.

Next Issue: Original Sin from Marvel Concludes! With Commentary and Trash Talk! Be there!


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