The Unilluminati.

Depressingly accurate.

Depressingly accurate.

Recently, my new team of teachers met for the first time. I became spoiled previously, by a team that was equal portions experienced “big kids” and highly motivated, intelligent people at the beginning of their careers. Where I didn’t always see eye to eye with everyone, they were polished, intelligent, and always ready to go above and beyond the letter of duty. We had supervising administrators who were on the ball, and counselors who worked hard at their jobs.

My new team…less so.

The meeting started half an hour late…a bad sign. I was sent to retrieve a team member, who presented a large number of reasons that she was not going to be at the meeting. Without being asked. Upon my return, another team member finally arrived. During the course of this meeting, the phrase, “I’m new, so I don’t know” was like a hateful mantra that I heard repeated over and over again. Instead of, “Sure, let me do that…I’ll work it through,” there was…”Um…I’m new. I don’t know.”

This made it impossible to have any real discussion about anything. Worse…any time that I elected to speak, with real intel or input, I was immediately talked over with a multilayered excuse structure that would make the average politician envious. It was depressing, and to an extent that I am not properly illustrating, totally useless. Excuses and slogans, for a forty five minute meeting that happened a half an hour late. Torture has reached an art form.

Two days later…(I actually drew the page above DURING the meeting) we had our first “Student of the Month” assembly. My old core of team teachers were terminally, even hatefully prompt. Of the new team members, one was not in school that day, and another was on campus, but unaware that we were having the assembly. The Darths themselves were late, to an embarrassing degree. Considering that Darth himself asked for “professionalism in punctuality,” chutzpah is once again being redefined.

Sadly, this same crop of new team members are reported to be having trouble securing their classes, and running things in order. I wouldn’t know…since I have consciously elected to keep a defined, rigid “Zone of Peace” relative to my classroom, that I steadfastly refuse to venture forth from. As haterism runs rampant my co-teacher and I have declared the limits of our turf. Like feudal warlords, or Batman over Gotham City, we will keep peace within our boundaries…and expect others to do the same.

Maybe that’s why I’m shifting over to a more SHIELD agent, “jurisdictional” version of the tactical looking costume. (Not in this post…but for the next couple of days). There are some things inside my jurisdiction, and some things outside of it. Or maybe…I just want her to seem more official than some of the other cast members, who have been brainwashed by slogans and buzzwords.

Next Issue: Unfriendly Ghosts!


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