More easy to draw than I thought.

More easy to draw than I thought.

MiSiS, the new data system, is full of ghosts.

By ghosts, I mean students who show up to class, but are completely untrackable by the system itself. There have been more than a few over the past several weeks, during the so called “MiSiS Crisis,” and it is a serious, but unspoken about educational problem. Firstly…if a student is not in the system, you cannot take attendance for them…producing a large number of serious legal problems. More relevant to academic issues…you have no way to give such a “ghost student” any kind of grade, report card or otherwise.

For my classes, over the past twenty four hours, the ghost problem has been minimized. Perhaps in part due to my being excessively @#$%^y about it. Still…my team has about seven or so remaining “ghosts” which accounts for roughly five percent of the student population. This is incredibly serious. Report cards grades for the five week period are due, parent conferences approach, and Norm Day looms ahead.

Norm Day is the biggie, True Believers. Norm Day is that magical day where the number of students for the school is determined, and as a result, the number of available teaching positions given funding and state mandates. Given the ghost problem, and the approach of Norm Day, we are being asked for manual Head Counts of students present, in order to produce a hard number for the purposes of staffing. Note that we are disregarding th systems that would allow attendance, or grading.

By the end of the day of this post, it is my goal to have erased all such “ghost students.” The fact is, MiSiS was not the problem. Our counselors, an all Newbie Crew, epic level fumbled on the play, and now, weeks later, we are still dealing with the fallout. The one thing I do know is that in West La, this sort of thing would not be tolerated. I have already heard from several persons on campus above my pay grade that they simply would not stand for the same treatment from their children’s schools, for their own kids.

LA Times…Howard Blume…UTLA…if any of you people are listening, reading, or having an attack of professional ethics, feel free to get in touch. For the time being, my crew and I will keep busting MiSiS Ghosts.


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