Death of Wolverine? Again?

Still with the very formal SHIELD special agent look.

Still with the very formal SHIELD special agent look.

Marvel now has a weekly event going on, called the “Death of Wolverine.” It is what it says it is…but setting aside the number of times Wolverine has already been pronounced dead, really…we know that he’s valuable as a character that sells comics. Although Marvel claims that there are no plans to resurrect him until at least 2016…let’s be honest. There was a big hullabaloo about killing Spider-Man, and we are once again back to the status quo on that book. Wolverine is a pretty serious seller of comics, so even though Isaac Perlmutter is mad about the situation with Fox, we should expect to see him back.

Is it a good comic, though?

It’s coming out weekly, which is nice. That keeps the pace immediate, and makes it feel like a serious event. Like something we, the reader, should care about. The art is simply beautiful…really well executed. The story…is okay. There are two pages where Reed Richards diagnoses his condition, which are brilliant. they really bring into focus that you just can’t be Wolverine and live without your healing factor. From the danger of concussions, to radiation exposures, and endocarditis, being Wolverine is just something that a person can’t survive. Not without the ability to recover from mortal injuries, that is. The two pages makes that very clear, as well as why Wolverine can’t just hole up and wait for Reed to fix it.

So…with two issues in the hopper, I’d say it’s okay. Not a “run out and get it” book, but not in the fail column either. It does have the problem of being a “Death of…” book, which we all know is eminently reversible. In fact, the medium of comics virtually demands such reversals.

In terms of my art, this is the second time we are seeing a ghost this week. Pony doesn’t seem too happy with the situation, and our hero thinks it’s not too kosher, much like Fronty’s Market. I went with a Baby Wolverine because A) he is a hell of a lot of fun to draw, and B) it is fun pretending to be Skottie Young, who is brilliant. Seriously, Skottie Young is one of my favorite creators these days, his Rocket Raccoon book being brilliant. Oddly, I keep putting our hero in the more formal, Super-Soldier style of the tactical costume…which I’m not sure I’m as fond of as I think.

Wolverine…not a fan of aliens, really. Some, he’s fine with. Still, he is notorious about his contempt for Skrulls, Dire Wraiths, and the Brood in particular. He’s generally testy with the Shi’ar, and to a lesser extent the Kree. It seems to me that Wolverine might not be on board that much with Alien Americans like our hero. Who can say? Our hero doesn’t think being an alien automatically makes you okay.

That would be stupid. Almost as stupid as the way Cyclops is being written in current X-Men issues. Also…just saying.

Wolverine was one of my favorite characters in my youth. Although he’s a bit played out as a character, and was definitely overused, it bugs me that we are looking at a year, maybe more, where he won’t be making guest appearances, or be included in major events. He’s a Marvel fixture, which even Reed Richards acknowledges.

Just a bit of rambling about the state of comics today. Tomorrow’s issue will be more on point…a back to basics issue about punching out tools, Star Trek, Bar Mitzvahs and generall not taking @#$% off of fools.

Be there.


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