Handle With Care.

I agree, Groot.  I am skeptical, too.

I agree, Groot. I am skeptical, too.

As I write this post, I am hoping that it will in fact, be predictive. For several weeks, almost every teacher at my school has been teaching a “Career Awareness” class, with no materials or curriculum. I’m not even going to get into the logistics of that, or whether it is contractually appropriate, or even whether the proposed curriculum does or doesn’t meet student needs. The fact of the matter is that for six weeks now, there has been nothing in place.

We were told last week that the order for these materials was finally made, and that a FedEx delivery of those items would be arriving on Monday the 15th of September. Well…that time and date are here, so these materials should in fact make it to the campus. We shall see. If that occurs, then distribution of those materials will happen on the subsequent day, allowing them to actually be in class on Wednesday. Notice that I have not allowed any time for teachers to say….review those materials, or study them.

The part that is frustrating is twofold. Firstly…that a class has been going on with no materials in place for six weeks now. Administration is willing to lawyer this point, but even they are aware of how weak that argument is. The second, and more depressing element is that no one is up in arms about this. A few teachers have piped in their opinions on the subject, but no parents. On the West Side of Los Angeles, where I live, the school that had no curriculum for an hour and a half long class would be literally under siege by the PTA.

The deal that I cut with Pledge LA allows me to be outspoken about matters of curriculum, academia, and academic integrity, as well as student safety. I have begun being quite pointed about this “class without content,” since there is really no excuse for such a thing. I know that other teachers mentioned it to the Union suits when they arrived last week, but I have learned not to count on the Union for anything related to academic integrity. Last week, I actually said to one of the school’s out of classroom Suits, “You wouldn’t let your kid come to a school that ran classes without curriculum, would you?”

The answer was “no.” Go figure.

Apparently, good enough for someone else’s kid, in a different part of town. It makes me sick to think of it too much.


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