Be Careful What You Wish For…

Depressing?  Yes.

Depressing? Yes.

I was told today that yes, the curriculum for our “Career Awareness” class did indeed arrive on campus, via FedEx, at great cost. A mere six weeks into the school year. Let’s break that down, True Believers…with over 12 percent of the school year done. That’s a bit late.

The curriculum, such as it is, is endorsed by the district, for the development of academic vocabulary. As an English teacher, I am all for that…except, the product we have been given is worth about twenty minutes to a half an hour a day, on a ninety minute class. Beside that…we are calling the class “Career Awareness,” which actually has a district curriculum and standards attached. A simple web search will give you this, which has nothing to do with the vocabulary development plant that we just purchased for about thirty grand. Hmmm.

This is typical of the current administration. The other day, when I griped to a VP about the lack of curriculum for this class, that VP went into his office, and brought me the binder for the “Second Step” program. I mentioned to him that this had nothing to do with Careers, and he said to me, point blank, “So what? It’s district approved.” I wonder if he would be so flippant if his own child were in the class. I doubt it.

That, in short, is what the art is about. We have been given a specific and complex mission…one that as an English Teacher, I am not all that qualified to do. The tools we are being given are unrelated to the stated goal, but that doesn’t matter, right? So long as we show up, and do what we are told, it doesn’t matter how federal grant money that is being spent to make my students competitive with affluent students on the west side of LA, is used. By the Way, Howard Blume…LA Times…feel free to contact. This is a big deal. This is a misuse of funds that are intended to provide real equity.

That’s life, I suppose, in the inner city.

The big problem is…the new teachers, the really junior ones, seem to have no idea how much they are being shafted, used, and manipulated. They are just happy to have SOMETHING, anything to do during that unmanageable hour and a half of class, for which they were unprepared.

Next Issue: Last Dolls!


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