Friends Until The End.

Storm is consoling our hero, amidst chaos and a giant squid attack. (Davy Jones, Giant Squid!)

Storm is consoling our hero, amidst chaos and a giant squid attack. (Davy Jones, Giant Squid!)

Things are moving fast now. Despite having been patient with various elements going wrong on our campus…the complete failure of supervision, mixed with continued scheduling problems have created an environment of chaos on our campus. The whole “positive outlook” mentality makes this something that we are not supposed to question, or even talk about, but it stares me in the face daily. Safety is something that is in jeopardy, and unsafe students can’t really learn anything.

My classes are running smoothly, but mostly though my own efforts to maintain rigid order. It’s tough, draining and unsatisfying. At the same time, I find myself running about campus on safety issues, attempting to secure things as they happen. With more “security aides” than every before, I’m winding up more mobile than ever before, which is the opposite of the intent. The neighborhood surrounding school is heating up, and the issues bleed across the campus barrier. Student issues, such as fighting and bullying have reached a level I normally can mark in November…and we are only in the sixth week of school.

Storm (I prefer Mohawk Storm, by the way) and the X-Men were written by Claremont for years as “defending a world that hates and fears them.” I always felt that this put the X-Men on a kind of moral high ground, of taking the high road when it would be so much easier not to. Storm especially, since fluctuations in her emotions triggered automatic responses in her weather based powers…rendering a need to control her emotions. When a temper tantrum can produce a hurricane, you need to manage your anger.

I’m having a harder and harder time. There’s a good plan, and it requires me to keep cool. To stay even keel. It has been hard this week…there has been more than one moment where I have wanted to just…let go. To give in to the rage at what I see happening, or not happening for that matter, and the disservice that we are doing the students. It would be one hell of a hurricane…

…but would ultimately hurt me more than anyone that it targeted.

That’s why Storm counsels patience, caution, and a little self control. The goal isn’t to take down the bad guys, although that would be a nice side effect. I think it’s a necessary side effect, actually. Still, the goal is to fix something that is broken…to provide a safe, healthy, functional place for my students. in the X-Men books, it is often Storm who advises Kitty, or Wolverine, or Rogue to take it down a notch, to stop and think of a way to use their powers to heal instead of harm.

I still love Claremont’s X-men run, warts and all. Fantastic comics. Now, as the plan reaches its head, but my patience wears thin…all those hundreds of words of purple prose, of speeches about ethics and right vs. wrong echo in my head. Our hero gets to hear it direct from the source, over dinner and fine wine after @#$% up dinosaurs, Iron Man knockoffs, Deviants and bug-men. Me…I just have to go back to my comics, and take comfort in the surprisingly wise passages found there.

I like to think that Storm would be our hero’s friend. That’s they would have things in common and so forth. Storm managed to become friends with Wolverine, and he’s pretty hard line…so it doesn’t seem that far fetched. It’s a thought that makes me happy.

Next Issue: Read the Instructions….!

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