Read the Instructions, Please…

Depressing?  Yes.  True?  Also yes.

Depressing? Yes. True? Also yes.

We have a large number of new, relatively untested staff that have not yet seen what education in the inner city is like on staff this year. they are all friendly, and so very, very committed to the IDEA of teaching. The realities of teaching are something of a mystery to them, however. To the last of them, they suffer from the same malady, an intellectual disease that is crippling.

They don’t listen. They wait to talk, but don’t listen. In fact…they don’t wait to talk. They are often yammering on and on about some problem, telling the room at length that they don’t know what to do, and just complaining, instead of listening to or accepting a solution. this becomes frustrating, especially when you tell one of them to explicitly NOT do a thing. You get them to say it back to you that they WON’T do that thing, which is no good for them, the situation, or anyone’s career. They say it.

Two seconds later, they just do that thing anyway. When you criticize this, the response is, “Oh…well…I didn’t know, I’m so new.”

Clearly, that’s what the art is about. In training how to use the old 90’s era War Machine Suit knockoffs, our hero gives clear instructions…that are immediately disregarded. Simple instructions, like “Don’t press those buttons.” At school, they are just as simple, like, “Don’t put your hands on kids,” or “You are losing control of your class by trying to be friends with the kids. Be the adult they NEED.” The second one is just a little subtle…the first…just isn’t. Don’t do that thing.

I’m not taking as much of a leadership role with staff this year, partly because of this. We had a solid machine running, a good group…but Darth asked us all to leave. Most of use were successful at that. As a result, my team is now composed of pliable, tenure free newbies without any clues. They do have firm opinions about what they want to complain about, though, and do so at length. Whereas before I shouldered the burden of staying on top of Grade Seven leadership…now…I don’t get paid for that. If junior teachers want to make mistakes, it’s not my job to fix them. Granted…I do step in when it is just bad for kids, or harmful. That’s still my fight, regardless. The day to day leadership and operations? Not so much.

So, as a result we have a large contingent of problem student behavior, due to a variance in structure. The only way that is tends to affect me is in students being tardy to my class, since others aren’t hard enough about that, and in issues that happen outside of my class coming into it, and needing to be settled before I can start. Neither is a huge problem, but frustrating. With three seventh grade teachers sending out Epic numbers of students, often to me, for discipline, and then complaining at length in meetings where i would like to get something done…it’s an issue.

I think the page is hilarious though.

I also liked the knockoff US War Machine suits well enough that I went the extra mile, and did this colored, mixed media Agents of SHIELD Special Ops Division image, in COLOR!

That's a metal bowler hat on the helmet.

That’s a metal bowler hat on the helmet.

Apparently Agents of SHIELD is coming back this season, hopefully as a stronger show. I did a companion image, in color, that I won’t be posting until October. How’s that for planning ahead, True Believers?

Next Issue: A Sunday Bonus Post!


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