Running On Fumes.

Haters, haters...everywhere.

Haters, haters…everywhere.

I was looking for an early 90’s compositional feel here. Our hero looks a bit butch, but on purpose…I felt that a generic War Machine suit wouldn’t be fitted, but instead sort of a “one size fits all” affair. The left hand side of the panel, which is just a character figure, came out very well, and is very much early 90’s, image inspired composition.

The content is straightforward. Our school’s campus now has roving groups of truants. Students fight on a day to day basis, both on campus and off. Supervision is now divided into zones of serious safety, and zones of “hands off” monitoring, and the students have discovered this. They have also perceived the scheduling problems, and use those as excuses for tardiness, ditching class, and general hooliganism.

Most of the day, I spend an inordinate amount of time monitoring, and enforcing rules. I had a conversation with one of our campus supervision aides the other day, about how he needed to step up to the plate and get more active, and his face clearly said to me…”does not compute.” Considering that my actual mandate is to teach English literature and compositional skills in writing, I find myself drained by the constant police actions on my part. I simply want to do my job, and have others do theirs.

With the current structure, I have to use certain tools. That’s also key in the artwork. Our hero has fabulous, if generic, superhero powers…flight, invulnerability, super strength. However, in this context, she has to use the old school War Machine gear, which is running on fumes, as per her dialogue. Most of the experienced teachers at our school are also “running on fumes.” Work ethic and motivation are at all time lows, and the staff are struggling to simply come in.

This is my Monday post, because this is the grim, Mad Max style environment that my work week will be composed of.

Next Issue: Union Hulks Return!


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