Caputo-Pearl Don’t Surf.

Union Hulk is lazy and stupid.  That gets you smacked with a surfboard, bro.

Union Hulk is lazy and stupid. That gets you smacked with a surfboard, bro.

As I write this, I am considering the meetings that are to come in my “Professional Development” time on Tuesday. Despite the Teachers’ Union’s supposed power, there are any number of egregious violations of contract and law happening at my site, that go unchecked. I tend to bring them up, and as a result, I tend to feel tired, and angry. The Union always seems to stand up for its vast power for the wrong thing, and to never listen to those that fight for students’ rights, or sticking to the real letter of the contract.

Tomorrow, some fun points that will come up, which should be a wake up call for the Union Hulks:

1. We had a legit election for our English department chair, and that position has been usurped by a person who somehow works for Pledge LA and LAUSD…which shouldn’t be possible.

2. We had a safety drill scheduled…which then didn’t happen. All of the teachers planned around it…producing fifteen minutes of dead time in class. Despite the failure to practice safety procedure, this is where Admin fumbled the ball, and it screwed over instruction. You know…instruction…the reason kids are there at all.

Forget the idea that in the event of an emergency, everyone needs to know appropriate procedure for safety’s sake, in an of itself. Apparently, that’s a luxury of sorts.

3. Apparently, it’s just fine to have teachers work extra hours without pay. Discounting the five extra supervisory minutes in the morning, recently we worked extra hours on “Back to School” night with zero hourly compensation the next day. That just doesn’t follow the contract, which UTLA usually holds Holy.

4. Appropriate Tool Site Council procedure? Let’s not have any of that, until the Union Rep brings it up. The massive funds need no proper governing body or oversight, right?

These are the few issues on my campus that come to mind RIGHT NOW. There are several more. Some that I can’t talk about online, which is amazing to me, given the free speech rights in the United States. Suffice it to say that the Union Big Shots once again made it to our campus, made the mouth noises about understanding what it is to teach in South Central, and then promptly forgot about us as they walked away.

I spent some time putting together “concerns’ about how our finances are being spent, as well as our grant compliance. I gave them to our Union Rep, who I like, but don’t expect anyone higher up than her to understand the material, or the implied nuances, despite literally drawing a clear picture. It just isn’t connected enough to basic employment rights to get the interest, or the representation. Which is sad, because I have to pay these @#$%s real American dollars off of my paycheck, for their supposed “representation.”

I hope that my analysis and commentary was a metaphorical smack with a surfboard, that will make the Union spring into some sort of action. In reality, I’m not holding my breath.

The pencils.

The pencils.

Next Issue: The Library at the End of the World.

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