The Library At The End Of The World.

This is not unlike my school's library.

This is not unlike my school’s library.

There is a whole lot going on with this artwork, and this post. My students are currently composing horror stories in class, as part of the narrative unit we are doing. Given the popularity of Zombies and “The Walking Dead”, a good number of my students have a Zombie outbreak as their conflict, or at least their antagonists. In our discussions about setting, I turned to the students and asked, “What is the most useful location after the initial outbreak of Zombie-ism? Like, a few months later, when the survivors have generated a kind of stable rhythm, but are running low on supplies?”

Hand up. “A military base?”


Another hand. “A supermarket? Food and shelter, right?”

Head shake. “All that food is eventually going to go bad. It all has an expiration date.”

Hand up. “Hospital?”

“Nope. Do you know which medicines to give, or how to do surgery?”

We went around and around, until I finally said…”Guys…it’s the Library.”

I’m not saying that “A Tale of Two Cities” is going to be much help in the end of days. I AM saying that a book like “How Stuff Works” or “The SAS Survival Guide,” or even the “Boy Scout Handbook” is pure gold. Need to know how to tan leather? To make cloth? To do metallurgy? all that information is stored, old school style, in books. The works of Shakespeare aren’t going to help you much, but the arts and crafts section will keep you clothed.

After a few months, or years in a post apocalyptic world, those things become important. Heck, they become marketable skills in the rebuilding of some sort of feudal society. Not everyone can be a hunter, or warrior. Somebody has to tell you which berries are poisonous, and be able to make new pants.

I drew this while my co-teacher was in the library with our students. our library lacks fully stocked shelves, although it is improving. Our new librarian tries hard to maintain and make the area a legitimate research and study area. I respect her for that, and her vision. Administration keeps trying to drop the Haters in there. Bad kids? Send ’em to the library. Incompetent sub? No sweat…library time. It’s a bad theory, and undermines the very reasons we hired her, to create a real Fortress of Literacy.

That’s why there are Haters in the far stacks in the art.

Also, the art has to do with comics shipping day. This is posting on Wednesday, comics shipping day, where I intend to walk away with a very large haul of pre-Rosh Hashanah reading. I keep going back and forth about the haul itself, the specific stack of books and TPBs…but it will be impressive. That’s why our hero has a wheelbarrow.

Also about the art…drawing apocalyptic stuff is hard. Just saying. Making things chaotic, wrecked up, and messy is rough….perhaps just because the English teacher doesn’t like the idea of a messy library.

Next Issue: It Is Written! Be There!

One thought on “The Library At The End Of The World.

  1. But why would you need a library when you can look everything up on your smart phone? . . . Oh wait. Actually, my local library looks more like an Internet cafe every day.

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