Four Color Insects, the Free Market, and Stan Lee!

That space alien is part insect.  That is to say, a bug in comics.

That space alien is part insect. That is to say, a bug in comics.

Today is the first day of a new comic book store in the location of my favorite former place. I was initially concerned about where I would be spending this Shipping Day, thinking that is would be both sad and jarring. There were plans to hang around with friends, or do something interesting. All very vague, and unformed. The one thing that I did know is that I didn’t want to step into the old clubhouse, and see change in process. I didn’t want to be greeted by strangers, instead of people that I know.

Considering the level at which I have taken my licks for the past couple of days, that seemed really, really uncalled for. I drew this on Sunday, in fact…thinking about bugs taking over, and also the interrupted “Death of Wolverine” series. It was hard imagining the final panel, because really, I don’t resent new people taking over the clubhouse. It is what it is, and they deserve the chance to succeed. I also don’t have to be “all for it,” or even all that directly supportive of the idea. As i have said about comics for years, “Your dollar is your vote.” That goes for shops as well as comics…you give your dollar to the people you support. So…for those wondering where to get Comics in Culver City:

Comic Bug: Now at the location of Comics Ink, respectable guys who have run a fun, event driven shop for a decade.

Pulp Fiction: Literally a few blocks away on Sepulveda Blvd, nice guys with a large store that does DEEP discounting on Trade Paperbacks.

Cool Cats Comics: On Pico, with parking at the Westside Pavillion mall, a good shop run by nice fellas. Strong inventory, with a diverse market.

Dreamworld Comics: Solid shop on Centinela, with a strong collection of statues, figures, toys and trade paperbacks.

Bottom line…there are still clubhouses to go to.

Where am I going? Good question, True Believer. An old friend came to me with an invite to hang around with one of the movers and the shakers in comics, both now and at the start of the Silver Age: Stan Lee. Yep…one thing led to another, and now, at five o’clock I’m headed over to Pow! Entertainment, which is Stan’s current baby. You know who it’s impossible to be depressed around on comic book shipping might? Yep…Stan “the Man” Lee.

As for Comic Bug, I wish them the best of luck. Like I said, good guys, with a good shop, by all accounts. For me…it’s a lot like the plot of the Winter Soldier…the film that is. Suddenly, there are other people in a place that I expect to be friendly, and know the lay of the land. That’s fine for other people, but not so great for me. So much so that I have this to say:

Exactly.  I'm sure Hydra does profit sharing, and includes all its employees in team's just not my bag, baby.

Exactly. I’m sure Hydra does profit sharing, and includes all its employees in team decisions…it’s just not my bag, baby.

Been sitting on that image for weeks. It’s nice to get it off my desktop.

I’m thinking of getting Stan to autograph my image of our hero and Stan Lee. That sounds awesome.

Next Issue: Gear Up….with Duct Tape!

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