Miles Of Duct Tape Before I Go…

This is inked, which radically improved the visual.

This is inked, which radically improved the visual.

I’m writing this post after spending some time hanging out with Stan Lee at Hollywood and Highland. Doesn’t get much cooler than that for a comics geek. Really helped me get over the loss of my clubhouse, at least in the short term. Stan, in typical Stan form, was promoting a candy bar about himself. Awesome.

He also put me in touch with guys, locally, that can hook my co-teacher and I up with a terrifyingly affordable 3-D printer for educational purposes. We have wanted one for some time, and this meet and greet put me in touch with people who can hook me up with a device for under a grand, and provide teacher training. What DON’T you provide for me, Mr. Lee?

My old friend and I were bummed by the rapidity of the meet, and how fast things went, but to be honest…just being in the same room with Stan Lee is pretty damn great. Excelsior.

The art has little to do with the evening, except for the possible Marvel connection. I drew it a couple of days ago, as the administration of the school bullied me for no reason, and invited me to “a war.” A few weeks ago, I told a close friend that I was listening to Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here,” and felt a bit like a sell out. That feeling came from the idea that I cut a deal to lay low until my co-teacher and I could make a transfer together, and it seemed like a smart choice. As things degenerate, not standing up and holding people accountable to the day to day failures seems…seems false, seems like I am failing myself. It was embodied in the lyrics:

“And did you exchange
A walk on part in the war
For a lead role in a cage?”

Telling me that he “wanted a war” and “was trained to win it” disabused me of my more forgiving notions. Darth picked a fight with me for no reason, and in the time I’ve been diligently keeping my mouth shut, more than a few things have happened that need accountability. That’s what the art is about. Taking a few miles of duct tape and patching up the busted up old War Machine suit, to load up for bear hunting, or bigger game.

The good news here is that I no longer really feel without purpose. I kind of choked on the idea that I felt Darth and I had a watershed moment last week. Seriously, we sat together at a training, and I spoke about lesson planning, and English class. He seemed interested, and for once, I broke the wall of being stony, and cared about the conversation. I expressed that I enjoyed it, and that maybe, just maybe, I had been wrong.

A week later, his number two man is attempting to intimidate me in my class, and he’s inviting me to a “war” over something I didn’t do, and had no place in.

I’m amazed that is the way anyone would ant things, especially when it is WELL known how far I am willing to take matters, at the virtual, or even literal, drop of a hat. I’m expecting some awkward, pretty false “friendly conversation” today. Some has happened from the AP already, to which I have only responded to with stony “Yes, sir,” and “No, sir” responses. If there is one thing i have learned from last year, and the months spent laboring under the Deal…it is to keep my ideas an opinions, and especially my knowledge, underground.

Next Issue: Scorch the Earth!


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