Project: Scorched Earth!

Drawn and posted with Hannibal in mind.

Drawn and posted with Hannibal in mind.

This week has been rough. It started with my superiors being threatening for no reason. It evolved, like some crack addicted Pokemon into some craziness over the course of the week. By the endpoint, where I am now, it is a matter of organization. By that I mean constructing a narrative, and putting the pieces together so that the duct tape (metaphorical duct tape) forms a story of incompetence and corruption.

At this point, all of the ducks are in their proverbial row. What it comes down to is the simple intestinal fortitude, the willingness, the courage to pick a fight with people above my pay grade, that don’t even like me. That’s why I thought of my friend Hannibal here, and what he has taught me. Hannibal is a man of artistic and creative integrity, a man who runs with the facts, and lets the chips fall where they may. More important than that, he has kids that he dearly loves. My friend values the truth, but he wouldn’t let anyone @#$% with his kids, or give them a substandard education. In a matter like what I have in front of me, he would do what was right, and live with the @#$#% consequences.

I can do no less than my excellent friend. The time is now to stand up, and make some serious noise, to represent my students who have no one to speak for them. Although it doesn’t hurt that I’m also standing up for myself, and my co-teachers, for a bunch of adults that don’t know better…at the end of the day I need to stick up for the kids that have been placed in my care. They deserve better than my school is doing, better than is being provided.

The time is now to stand up, and be counted. To explain that the problems on campus now have nothing to do with MiSiS, or computer systems, but instead with poor management. To make it clear to those that have the power of the press, to those that can mobilize opinions and voters. I have all these fancy awards, but at the end of the day, when it comes to it, I want to know that the next time I see my buddy, I can say that I stood up for the kids. For his kid, and all kids. To say that I fought for the things that we feel are right.

That time is now.

With multiple fights per day, rampant tardiness, truancy, and even student drug use…my school is no longer an example of what schools can be in South LA. Instead, it is a lowest common denominator, a failed example of the powers of No Child Left Behind. If Hannibal’s kid were there, I would tell him to look for another school, to check his child out. Other parents, that I don’t know personally, would get the same advice.

The important point here is this: If it isn’t okay for my friend’s kids, why is it okay for anyone’s?

Being called out this week for nothing makes it even easier to construct the material I need. Still, at the end of the day, I need to be able to look at myself in the mirror. I also need to be able to say to people that I love and respect that when push came to shove, I did right. For that, to Vincent Moore, to Hannibal Tabu, I dedicate this post.

Someone needs to stand up for the community, to represent those that have no representative. You guys are my brothers, my family, and I couldn’t look you in the eye if I didn’t. I’ve given chances to get things straight, and now, the time is here to get tough, for those that can’t do it themselves.

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