Stan Lee, Agent of C.A.N.D.Y.!

A mixed media digital collage, using only items from Wednesday.

A mixed media digital collage, using only items from Wednesday.

It’s Saturday. A day that I have completely off. The next few days are going to be rough…completely and totally a scramble. Phone calls, appointments, a massive effort to try and set things back on track at our school…not to mention, I will need to generate a report card. A large amount of work, to be sure.

Right now, though…none of that is a concern.

Instead, I have a big stack of comics, some pages to draw, and a trip to Party City in mind. A teacher asked me for help in putting together a “Day of the Dead” art project, so that will get some of my attention. You can be sure there will be a need for glitter in that.

The central image above, the colored image of our hero and Stan Lee, I brought with me hoping to have him sign. My buddy who brought me to Hollywood and Highland told me this is where they do the Oscars now, which I didn’t know. As for the signature, that wasn’t possible for numerous reasons, but there was a really decent amount of time to bask in Stan’s presence. At the age of 91, that man has more energy than several people decades younger.

I wasn’t the only person doing art about Stan “the Man”, incorporated into my collage is a pic that I took of a giant mosaic made entirely of Candy, featuring Stan’s portrait and web logo. Check it out:

Mosaic by Jason Mecier.

Mosaic by Jason Mecier.

Jason Mecier is best known for creating incredible portraits of celebrities made out of trash. He has moved into doing things out of candy, obviously, which you can check out here. His mosaic of Stan Lee is worth 2500 Dollars, I believe.

The cartoon Stans in my collage are from the packaging of the chocolate bar about him. Seriously…just like the pic of him holding up the bar itself. My phone got a hell of a workout taking photo ops, but the idea of this collage came to me after the fact. The friend I went with was pretty excited about the candy bar, and the ability to “partake of Stan’s sweet, sweet flavor.” I have to admit, it was a pretty good chocolate bar. It’s salted dark chocolate with caramel, marshmallow & cookies & cream. Each bar is 1/4lb. At about eight bucks a bar, they are clearly posh candy bars…so they should be pretty darn good.

You can get one of them here.

It’s not everyone that writes a blog post about their hero, and then two weeks later, on a day that’s supposed to be kind of depressing, winds up hanging around with that same hero. IT is completely impossible to be depressed, or upset, in the vicinity of Stan Lee. The guy is so energetic and positive, so full of interest in everything around him…it’s incredible. I think that energy, that dynamism, coupled with the visions of guys like Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko, is directly responsible for Marvel’s success.

I wanted to somehow make animated chocolate being distributed by Stan in the Online Variant, Animated Style, but it looked gross. Fail. The floating hearts just didn’t seem to work…the hearts were floating up, but Stan is clearly throwing glitter stars DOWN to the people of New York. Finally, I just went with the usual application of animated glitter.

Online Glitter Variant!

Online Glitter Variant!

There’s been a lot of color this week, so I need to get to the drawing board, True Believers! Excelsior!


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