A Second Chance for Mickey Rat.

He looks like he wishes he could take it back.

He looks like he wishes he could take it back.

It’s pretty interesting. I’ve never been all that big a Disney fan. I liked “Aladdin” a whole lot, but so did every single human who saw it, apparently. However, now they own Marvel, and they own Star Wars, things that I like. Also, they made “Brave” and “Frozen,” which I liked a great deal. My friend and I seriously like the idea of Princesses, and they often have a whole lot of glitter, which we also like. Add to that the ownership of Power Rangers, which I kind of like…and there’s a whole lot in the “like” category these days.

Still…Walt Disney himself was famously accused of anti-semitism, the counter sued Gary Freidrich over Ghost rider rights nearly bankrupting an old man who created an excellent comic, and the general homogeneous nature of 60’s through 80’s Disney…it has a whole lot in the not like column, that is history. In one of my first jobs, I was actually kicked out of a meeting with Disney (the company, not Walt) because of my Superman pin, which I refused to remove. Times have changed, as I understand it, but that history lives hard.

Add to that Isaac Perlmutter actively removing the Fantastic Four from a serious presence in Marvel Comics, and the restrictions on the X-Men license (since Fox, not Disney, has the film rights to these, stemming from Marvel’s bankruptcy in the 90’s), and there are STILL things in the FAIL category.

Still…it might be fair to say that at this point, I like a fairly decent number of things that Disney does. I certainly read more Marvel comics than DC, and again…I really liked “Frozen.”

My friend and I, last week, went to Hot Topic. No…I haven’t jumped into new material, this is actually what the post is ABOUT. Having recently liquidated a large number of keys, my work keychain is much lighter, and as a result feels odd in my pocket. Hot Topic has these “blind bagged” (you don’t know exactly what you’re getting) chibi Disney keychains. Most of them are princesses, which we like. One is Mickey, the other Minnie. The high probability is that you will get a princess of some kind, which we know I will like.

Before doing my nails, we opened it. When I saw Mickey Rat looking up at me, I said, “Aww, man…Mickey Rat.”

My friend replied, “Now it feels bad. That little guy just wanted to be a good keychain, and be loved.”

That turned around in my head for a bit. I wasn’t sure exactly how to handle that thought process. It seemed to have logic, and further, fairly decent philosophy behind it. The keychain didn’t choose what shape to be in, and more than you or I did. Was it okay for me to judge based upon an arbitrarily defined shape? Okay…at that point, it was getting a bit abstract.

Ultimately, I decided that my friend was right, and that I need to give the keychain Mickey Rat a chance, just as I have given the Disney corporation my fair opinion, and have wound up liking the Marvel slate of movies, especially “Guardians of the Galaxy”….I should give the little rat an opportunity to do a good job keeping me from losing my keys. Plus, the owner of Comics Ink was a huge Disney fan, so there’s a good chance I’m overlooking a great deal.

As a result, the next morning, Mickey Rat was on my keychain. Along with our hero from Adequacy, and ironically, the Ghost Writer…from a strip almost two years old. That image is affixed by epoxy to the back of Superman’s logo, so I think all my bases are pretty covered.

Mickey Rat on my keychain, helping the protagonist and the Ghost Writer to keep my keys from getting lost.  Way to step up, Mick.

Mickey Rat on my keychain, helping the protagonist and the Ghost Writer to keep my keys from getting lost. Way to step up, Mick.

So far, he seems to be doing a pretty good job, although he seems to somehow get a little beat up inside my pocket. That’s pretty weird, honestly. Still, he’s doing the job he was made to do, and doing it pretty well. Decent little guy.

Yes, yes…I realize that this was almost a post about nothing. Sometimes that happens, True Believers. It’s not ALL a “Tale of Two Cities.”

Next Issue: The Madness and the Mystery of Weird War Tales! Be there!


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