The Madness and the Mystery of Weird War Tales…

Enter...the Rascals!

Enter…the Rascals!

The day that this posts, serious mobilization begins. I will be teaching a “master class” in school finance and educational grant compliance after school. Then, after arming fellow educators with the ability to be “rascals,” I will bee heading home…where I will clean up, and do a similar presentation again for a journalist. Or two.

It’s a matter of connecting the dots. All of the documents are public in nature, meaning that any real investigative journalist can look them up. The key though is that they are bewildering, and obfuscating. Without the ability to look at them with the right kind of eyes, the key to proper oversight, they mean nothing. Combined properly, an interesting kind of alchemy takes place, and real questions about student centered education, and proper use of funds, start to arise.

That’s why I went with the old DC Comics logo and signage…”Weird War Tales.” I was recently invited to a war, and expected to handle it as a different kind of Alien American, a Klingon American. Klingons are not subtle in the least. However, in this matter, I am doing my best to have a fair amount of subtlety. That’s because I cut a Deal. A deal to stay out of the Day to Day operations. Still…the old DC Comics logo applies…”The Madness and the Mystery…of Weird War Tales.”

Madness? That defines the near daily fights on campus with no consequence. Madness speaks to the idea of an elective that had no curriculum for five weeks, and that every single teacher is not qualified to teach. Madness is a core instructional extension to the day, that carries no grade at all.

Mystery? The mystery is that this could be so effectively put under the wire, that any number
of stakeholders that claim to care about children can let these things happen. Mystery? How could the Union, which loves its contract, allow a Pledge LA member, no…an employee, to have evaluative powers. Mystery? Where is the oversight, on documents that just contradict each other and govern a major grant?

Weird War Tales? That’s the biggest trouble to me. On my best days, I love being the agent of the establishment…of having orders that are good for kids, and following those orders, no matter what. Instead, now I’m the radical outsider, recently invited to a “war”, despite trying to stay explicitly out of harms way. That’s weird as all @#$%, and by the declaration of the Darths, a War Tale..

The prep is over. just like the Rascals are rolling out in the art above, approved by the comics code…It’s time to roll out in real time. The stealth is over, and the boots hit the ground today. To me…it is a relief. I don’t do well in the shadows, like Stormwatch Black, or a crowd of Romulans. I do much better with the cards on the table, assets on the board, playing a clear game.

Sadly, it’s no game. The lives and futures of my students hang in the balance, and all that the “war” is about is getting adults to come together to do a better job for them.

Next Issue…One Day.

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