Shore Leave In The Adorable Zone.

Some Rascals taking R & R in the Adorable Zone.

Some Rascals taking R & R in the Adorable Zone.

At the end of Friday, I had a roughly hour long “master class” meeting in how to ask questions about school budgets. The school day had been insane, a holding action against chaos bleeding across campus. To read my professional e-mail, I am mistaken…apparently my eyes are just WRONG. There are no fights, truancy doesn’t happen, and if I simply respond to students with a soft voice, and eternal patience, they will eventually meet me in the middle.

I’m not even going to address that.

I am going to focus on the effort to hold back chaos. Although I was told by administration upon entering the school today that they would be on hand to assist in maintaining order…I did not see admin in my building at all. There were times that I attempted to contact them, to deal with a fight that happened at lunch, or roving gangs of truants. No answer to those phone calls at all.

When it came time to instruct other adults in how to hold people accountable, I was In A Mood. Still, I went through matters as even handedly as possible. I pointed out how the budgets were structured, and the documents that supported them. I showed contradictions, and places where it seemed that things could, or should be handled differently. I gave questions to ask, and inquiries to make.

Eventually, the salient point came up.

“What good will asking these questions do?”

It’s a very solid question. The fact is, you have to give people the chance to answer your concerns, and correct what is wrong and/or out of compliance. You have to give them the chance to make it right. Apparently, Tool Site Council has done that already, and the members of the body are frustrated and confused. The assume, with some credibility, that the Darths can just do as they please. Thus far, that has been true, and things have gotten to where they now are, with the school out of control.

At this point, the chance need to be given to right things, by asking these questions in the underworld, as it were. Honestly, my own calculations predict that the budget will still pass, as is, woefully out of compliance. At that point, with funds distributed to causes that are completely out of focus with various documents that enable the school to run, things fall very firmly into my wheelhouse. That wheelhouse is an ugly, messy place, full of hard talk and consequences. I’m hoping that we don’t need to get there.

If we do…no…WHEN we do, it’s a very simple formula for me. Students come first, and you solve that problem with the single largest hail of evil words that you can bring to bear on the matter, from the highest location possible. When students are first in your mind, you really automatically have the high ground, and Obi-Wan Kenobi told me once that the high ground was best. At least a ledge.

The art above though, is about the surprising unity of mind I saw today from teachers who care. It’s also about my need to get some rest, because I’ve been burning the candle at both ends, and somehow in the middle. I thought of Saturday, and that brought to mind rest, bunnies, and even Groot.

I need more Groot.

Next Issue: A Sunday Bonus Post! Whaaat?!


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