Temple of the Lost Documents!

They actually weren't all that hard to find.

They actually weren’t all that hard to find.

Tool Site Council met. Despite the revelation of various documents, the SIG grant budget passed by a simple majority vote. These things happen, because the lay person’s understanding of the various documents is sometimes limited. That’s understandable….the very nature of the complex relationships from one document to another are a “connect the dots” style game, that also requires a kind of “Clue” inspired mystery solving.

The documents, however, remain. They stand alone, much like the Ark of the Covenant or the Sankara Stones. At this point, most of them are only in the hands of “top men” who chose not to study them…just to shelve them in the background, to lose them in the panoply of other documents that are pending review. It is assumed that all is in order.

Sadly, that is not the case. Much like the art, a big part of the issue is knowing where to find all of the documents in question. once found, all it takes is the effort to connect one to the other…to show someone either from the SIG office, the US Department of Education, or the press who wants to look closer, and see how one thing links to the other…

…or doesn’t.

That’s what the art is about. It’s about knowing where all the skeletons are stored, about knowing the location of the Secret Filing Cabinet, and being willing to share that very public information. It’s about the willingness to run a “financial Sunday school,” where the ups and downs of the data, the meathook realities if you will, can be revealed as a kind of brutal gospel.

I liked that. It seemed poetic to me.

Still, it is also on point. After weeks of work, all of the vital documents are in one public access driven place called the Internet. All that remains is to point the way…sadly, not with a cool gem on a stick at a given time of day. Indy gets the best stuff. The art was in part driven by a 1940’s themed party this weekend on the Queen Mary that I attended, and informed the retro feel. Go figure.

The non-aged black and white.

The non-aged black and white.

Next Issue: Tool Site Council…rebuffed!


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