Take Your Protein Pills And Put Your Helmet On.

I've gone through a number of hybrid iterations of the War Machine Suit.  This is hopefully the last.

I’ve gone through a number of hybrid iterations of the War Machine Suit. This is hopefully the last.

She does tend to stick to the same, dapper helmet though. The design of the War Machine suit is so visually flexible that I haven’t really stuck to one reference. Most often the design from U.S. War Machine, the Marvel MAX series, is my “go to.” It’s a visually interesting design, and also, in terms of story, it is a flawed government knock off. The second most common design I tend to reference is the original War Machine suit design, from the early 1990’s series.

Still, with the licks we have seen the suits take, and the battle damage on them, it stands to reason that there must be a storage closet in the Fortress of Togetherness, and that to some degree, the components are “mix and match.” It does seem like it would be uncomfortable for her to get her ears inside the helmet though, which is probably why she rarely has it on.

This artwork is particularly poignant, because it clearly involves a bottom of the barrel suit, and a final gear up. The protagonist is nigh invulnerable, sure, but in the end, you need to come to the table with some offense besides just brute super strength. The time is not just metaphorically, but really upon us for a change to be made, and a difference to be struck. I just spent an evening making jokes about the real safety issues that are bad for kids, the actual educational problems in front of us. Futures hang in the balance, and I don’t mean the careers of adults. I mean young people who don’t fully understand the events, and their effects.

Very much, the time for a serious “gear up and fix” is here. Today, I commented more than once how I just wanted the peace on campus to teach a meaningful English class of serious quality. That’s the only goal I have really, to pare matters down to that level of simplicity. To get there, there will probably need to be one more adversarial “push”, one more time to set the hard issues on the table, and play hardball.

My co-teacher asked, some time ago, that there be some fair notice, so that people we care about and respect in education could have a “heads up” and possibly do the right thing beforehand. A key person on that list was John Deasy, who just stepped down as superintendent. Deasy was a good man who made hard, unpopular choices. He stood up for the students’ rights, even when the union vilified him for it. Not a perfect man, but one I respected.

I’d give him a “heads up”…but it doesn’t matter much anymore. Not to him.

The amazing part is that the things wrong at my school are so deep in scope, and so pervasive, that I am no longer the Lone Radical. People are upset, there is a lack of faith in leadership, and change is being cried out for. Like our hero, I don’t really NEED a helmet…but maybe I should put one on anyway. I say that because the Union Chapter is mobilizing, is setting forth to make statements and so forth…and usually, even in my time of quiet these days, the Darths come to me on that.

It’s funny, and unnerving, being scolded for things you didn’t do in the first place. There’s a very good chance there’s some more of that in my future.

Protein pills and a helmet, then, according to Mr. Bowie. Much like the goggles, I imagine those things are useless.

The art without logos.

The art without logos.


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