Dinner is Served, Sir.

Where do her ears go when she puts on the helmet?  That has to be uncomfortable.  Kind of moshed up.

Where do her ears go when she puts on the helmet? That has to be uncomfortable. Kind of moshed up.

There is a whole lot that gets this sentiment from me right now. A whole lot. Last night I had the worst migraine that I have had in years. It was rotten, and got the the point where motor skills, and using the speech enter of my brain, were a serious problem. Socrates said, famously, that pleasure couldn’t be defined as the absence of pain. I think maybe he never had a migraine of real severity, because when I woke up today and didn’t hurt, I was pretty @#$% stoked.

The art was an interesting challenge. The War Machine/Iron Man family of masks is pretty emotionless, pretty unexpressive. Still, I wanted to get the feel of ire, and a little bit of the feel that something bad was coming, that you had to brace for. I wanted all of that with a faceplate that doesn’t really allow expression, being relatively featureless and made of metal. Subtle changes of angle and size of the eye and mouth holes are all that you have to work with.

Continuity types will complain to me that this is not the same War machine suit as in the previous issue. Yeah, yeah. I felt like drawing this one, because I feel it has a more generic, slapped together feel. It’s also the War machine suit that I draw most often, and I didn’t want to fuss over reference.

Still…I did vary it. Normally, the right shoulder has a missile rack. Possibly from playing Missile Command in arcades in the Dawn of Video Games, whenever I could find it. This iteration has some kind of gatling gun looking, maybe a laser, who knows…locking into position on the LEFT shoulder. I wanted a panel that suggested “bringing out the heavy duty stuff,” and she is ALREADY wearing a War Machine suit.

That led to the mixed media. I wanted to experiment with digital lettering for the sounds of that BFG locking into its “go” position. I’m reasonably happy with it. Again, it’s an experiment. Mostly, that experiment had its roots in the “censored” box, which has only had one prior appearance in Adequacy, for all you trivia buffs.

Much work to do today. BFGs do not grow on trees, True Believers. To get them to work, you need to sit down, do your homework, and hit the drawing board. There is a lot of that in my day today.


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