It’s (Frank) Miller Time! (Part 1)

It is startlingly easy to draw like Frank Miller.

It is startlingly easy to draw like Frank Miller.

Ten Issues out from Tales of Adequacy No. 900, and I don’t know what I’m going to draw for it. I just re-read a favorite piece of work, Frank Miller’s “Dark Knight Returns.” That four issue series changed comics, certainly changed the direction of Batman, and had a visual style that is unmistakeable.

On a whim, I wanted to do a page in that style. It has turned into most of the week in terms of content, exploring that visual lexicon that is unmistakably Frank Miller. Oddly, It also brought home how easy it is to WRITE like Frank Miller. Terse, very factual, Hemmingway like statements, often in narration boxes, so we have to wonder at some of it? It is being thought, or said? How would we know?

Inking is completely necessary to get the kind of contrast of black to white that Miller uses heavily on the page. Like, a mandatory Inking process. Tomorrow’s art I did not ink…it came out okay, but the difference is tangible.

In terms of the art style, it was very helpful to have the big, gender ambiguous War Machine suit for our hero. I noticed quickly that Miller rarely draws any slim male figures, they are all beyond ripped, extra huge. For the Sith Lord descending, I had to take some liberties with the Miller-esque style of the page. It is amazing how much of an idea of a background, a setting he gets, with really simple panels, dark shapes, and a few lines.

Obviously, I’m continuing this “art study” of being like Frank Miller.

Next issue: Part 2!


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