Hater Talk: “You Will Know Us, You Will Fear Us…”

That is a lot of haters.

That is a lot of haters.

My favorite thing about the art above is actually an accident. If you look to the right of the Middle Aged Mutant Ninja Turtle, there is a zombie that is smaller than the rest. Since I drew the piece in two sections, a trick of proportions reduced that particular hater to a midget. I liked it so much that I didn’t dream of correcting it, but am instead drawing attention to it. Either he’s a very young, precocious hater, or he’s a midget hater. Either one is beyond great.

Rom the Spaceknight is back! Mainly because I felt sad for a lonely SDCC exclusive Rom figure that was on display at Pulp Fiction, and gave him a home on my desk. Now he lives with Seven, Arty the Desk amazon, and Doctor Whooves…but still seems sad somehow. Poor guy.

Maybe it’s the huge amount of haters that has him so sad. Our school is overwhelmed with wandering bands of haters by day, making instruction in the later hours high impossible. It’s frustrating, and really, that’s what the art is about. The protagonist, Sgt. Pony, Rom, and a Middle Aged Mutant Ninja Turtle are ill equipped to stem that tide of haters. One or two are going to slip by, just based on volume…sheer numbers.

These students have made it their express mission to be known around school as the opposite of what is good. They virtually exist to disrupt class, bully, and generally make adults give some kind of chase and/or discipline. The have a kind of academic celebrity through their lack of good behavior, through their failure to go to class. Hence the title of the post, “You will Know Us, You Will Fear Us.” Teachers have left the school, and continue to do so, because of these hordes of hooligans.

Still, amidst all these haters, a charming young man who excels in class virtually demanded that I download Minecraft, so that we may discuss it. Apparently this is MY homework.

Well…that, and Keeping all the Haters out.

To that end, I re-mastered for the new process one of my favorite images of Pony, in color:

Better stack those Legos higher and faster, Pony...

Better stack those Legos higher and faster, Pony…

When in doubt, build a Lego Fortress. My students tell me that Minecraft is not unlike electronic Legos, so I had best get to my assignment, True Believers…

Next Issue: Number 900!


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