Return of the Union Hulk!

Strangely, the Union meeting was less acrimonious than this.

Strangely, the Union meeting was less acrimonious than this.

After school, the other day, there was a big Union Meeting. The Secondary Vice President of UTLA showed up, and sat listening to our predicament at school for some time. The staff is sadly not unified, most of the teachers fearing large scale administrative retaliation. Still, several issues were brought up, in terms of the basic day to day operations of the school.

I made sure that the massive, multi directive e-mail was handed off by our own Union representative to the Vice President. That, in itself, was a long “sit down and read” for her during the conversation, since the email printed out to some five pages in length. I have my own copy, just so I can keep track of all my new orders and directives. While she studied that Magnum Opus, we had our debate.

I entreated her to take action on several matters that were simple, and contractual. She stated that several of those were “slam dunk grievances” and promised in a room full of dues paying, voting members, that she would do something about the issues. Having been lied to by Union people for my entire career, I will believe it when I see it.

After bringing up the basic points of issue, in terms of black letter contract law, I left the meeting. I’m very happy to hand out information, to make things clear. At this point, though, I have NO need to be a “mover and a shaker” in these controversies. Rather, the issues should be handled in accordance with the contract, so that I can get back to the very important business of actually teaching English.

The art had it’s foundations in the fact that I always seem to have conflict with the Union. The protagonist is breaking a pretty lame chain (I hate drawing chains) because I have restrained myself from interaction with day to day operations until now. The Union is represented by a big Baby Hulk, because that’s how they always seem to me…hugely strong, not that smart, and often with the “Me Centered” mentality of a two year old.

In composition, you see a direct homage to Incredible Hulk No. 181, the first appearance of Wolverine. Part of the reason the sporks are in force again. Also, Wolverine was introduced as a fiesty individualist, which seemed appropriate for the content.

The un-aged version.

The un-aged version.

I’m hoping that this person is willing to get the ball rolling. our staff, sadly, isn’t. They would all like to complain, but are also waiting for someone to stand up, and fix everything for them. That kind of misses the point of a Union, which i have explained more than once.

Next Issue: Haters!


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