Dance Party DS9! Let’s Do The Time Warp (Again)!

This mixed media piece was an epic chore.

This mixed media piece was an epic chore.

If, for some reason, you don’t know the song that is in the word cloud, you can listen to it here. It seemed like the choice here, since we have a native of Bedrock, as well as our hero wearing a portion of the Booster Gold suit. Presumably, this is an abuse of time travel, for the sake of tourism. More on that in a bit.

Or not…maybe more on it now. For some time, my friend and I have been confident that Time Travel backward in time is not possible, for the following two reasons:

1. A total absence of tourists. Enough dramatic, history changing events have occurred during our lifetimes, without thousands of time travelers descending on our frame of reference just to snap a selfie. That stands as a pretty solid proof.

Many contest this with the idea of a Time Travel Prime Directive. Again, I say, NOT. People keep trying to honestly see what they can get away with taking in their luggage as souvenirs from a trip to Europe or Australia, making customs work over time. People wouldn’t be malicious about it, but would consistently export pieces of the past into the future, ruining the flow of time and history, just for a vacation memento.

2. This one is the key one.

The older versions of my friend, and me, are more knowledgeable and wiser than we are. They have to be, they have more life experience, wisdom, and general education. Thusly…those guys are way more equipped to deal with any of my present problems than I am.

Unexpected bill? Meh. That’s Future Me’s problem. Future Me can handle that.

By the way, our future selves have to HATE us. Constantly shoveling challenges forward into the future, in their laps, like New Yorkers dumping garbage on New Jersey.

Still…the fact that our future selves haven’t come back in time to slap us around, or lecture us ad nauseum for such things as being cavalier with student loan officers, taking too long to file taxes, or waiting in line for hours to see the Phantom Menace simply means one thing.


Sucks to be them…what with time travel to the future being somewhat automatic.

Still…the idea of using a time machine frivolously for a fun weekend is pretty much at the heart of this. Once the Dance Party theme was implemented, it seemed necessary to have a Baby Groot…which, if you think about it, would have been a Baby Groot when Dinosaurs roamed the Earth, and Fred worked at the Quarry. The idea of a Bedrock theme came from a pair of incredible Halloween costumes my friends and I saw in Culver City. Add Quislet for good measure…and there you have the composition.

The online glitter variant!

The online glitter variant!

For those of you that are in Culver City, Comic Bug is having their official grand opening. They seem to be making a bi deal out of it, so if you like comics, you might check it out. I haven’t been to the new location yet, but this seems to be a big push weekend for them, with a bunch of events. Not quite a Dance Party…but comics. Comics are good..

My big event was visible at the top of the page, True Believers. I haven’t changed the banner image in like…ages. I initially wanted to do one monthly, but erred on the side of near daily art…which seems to satisfy you, Gentle Readers. Still, a good friend told me to “focus on the positive” as things go poorly at school, and the image came out fun and positive…so we will look at this at the top of the page for a while.

I considered doing a whole “process of construction” post for the art…but even I didn’t want to talk about the process that much. Still…the original color, not yet multimedia collaged, is below:

The word cloud was fun, but I still like this.

The word cloud was fun, but I still like this.

The inked black and white.

The inked black and white.

By the way, you like word clouds? Fine…Wordle isn’t the only one around. Check out the capabilities of Tagxedo, which is very powerful. You know…if you need a word cloud graphic for something.

Thinking of Time Machines…right now is the longest amount of time until I need to return to work again, so it is about that point where I get up from this machine.

Major drawing board weekend! Excelsior!


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