The Very Edge of Spider-Verse.

This was an epic level chore.

This was an epic level chore.

Spider-Verse is a 2014 comic book storyline published by Marvel Comics. Morlun has escaped the realm of the dead following being trapped there by the Black Panther. Now, every Spider-Man in the entire Multiverse must stand together. Things get worse when Morlun’s relatives in the form of the Inheritors from Earth-000 are also targeting every spider-based character as well.

Beginning in August, but running throughout the month of September the event will be preceded by two new issues of the cancelled Superior Spider-Man, issues of Spider-Man 2099 and a five issue run of one shots-all under the Edge of the Spider-Verse banner. You know, the same banner that I used above. All you really need to know about this particular “event” is that it’s an anthology book that focuses on various versions of Spidey from throughout the multiverse. Some of these tales offer origin stories, while others showcase how a particular Spider-Person is recruited by the growing resistance against Morlun’s family.

Morlun, clearly, is the big heavy. A character introduced during the JMS run, Morlun was interesting initially, but there really isn’t that much to him. Remember, Spider-Man has taken on Firelord and won, in current continuity (recently reprinted, by the way) so the idea of a kind of vampire that consumes people with animal powers…doesn’t seem that threatening. Granted, Spidey does say at one point during that run that Morlun hit harder than the Hulk and Thor…but Spider-Man also helped out in the Secret Wars, where he took on all the X-Men at the SAME TIME. Just saying.

Apparently, as of recently, Morlun is THE preeminent Spider-Threat. So, the premise of the story goes as we’ve seen, with Doc Ock/Superior Spider-Man recruiting Spider-People from various dimensions to be a resistance against Morlun, who is systematically killing them off.

Meh. I’m just not all that interested in variant Spideys.

However, thematically it seemed pretty on point. Last issue of Adequacy showed our hero cutting a deal with Ferengi, in this one we have the protagonist and Pony assembling a team of Baby Spider-Clones. Spider-Clones have been shown before in the strip as a commentary on trustworthy, reliable superheroes that even the Darths can count on. in this final rally before the Winter Break, those are the kinds of allies our hero could use. Baby Spider Clones might not stand up very well for the right thing, but they tend to try, which is good enough.

Kind of identical to the plot of Spider-Verse. A big, monolithic threat is coming, one that has kicked you around a bit before, and you need to get together as many superheroes on your team as possible, to help you out. See?

Very Edge of Spider-Verse without logos.

Very Edge of Spider-Verse without logos.

As for the title…you can’t get much more at the Edge of Spider-Verse than the protagonist. She has the shirt from one of the Tony Stark designed Iron Spidey suits, and rarely has an appearance with any Spider-People. In fact, more often than anything, she’s criticizing them. According to the art above, she apparently also has one old school web shooter, but recent storylines have shown that those are just not that hard to come by…apparently there are a bunch in NYPD evidence.

The Gathering of the Rascals Continues!


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