Goodnight, But Not Goodbye.

Once more into the breach...

Once more into the breach…

Also, once more, as an unintended consequence of using Adam Hughes as a reference, a spaceman of some sort is once again sort of ogling our hero. It’s something that happens with the eyelines that dictate line of sight that he gets right, and I am not getting right at all. Still, I’m very proud of the artwork, despite the Rebel Trooper’s lack of class.

Getting the Rebel Pilot jumpsuit right was a chore, as were the shadows. It really says something about the complexity of Adam Hughes’ artwork when you use it as a reference. There are tons of little details, of line work and shadow, that get lost in the overall piece, but are precisely what makes him so impressive. Really classy draftsmanship in backgrounds and setting, not just the figure work that he is known for as a “good girl” artist.

The content is simple enough. The day of this post is the day that I return to work. Pony has been replaced by Hoofpool, a mercenary pony that’s really tough and has a Healing Factor, and the protagonist is getting into a Y-Wing, as if for some kind of Death Star Mission. This is pretty much how the gearing up process feels, as I collect my things for the coming three weeks. The school will be under inspection from a variety of Suits, and that will of course effect efficiency. For the short term, it will effect it in a very positive sense, I think, because people are predictable. Everyone wants their workplace to look good when inspected, and that should produce some very tangible efforts from everybody.

Still, the subtext of the image above is simple. Even though we all need to come together, there’s a number of staff who have simply been defined as Rascals, Rebels, and at best Mercenaries. The kind of people who might be good at what they do, but you don’t necessarily like, trust, or want around. Sadly, most of my team of teachers has been informally declared in that category, and a large amount of the assistance that could be used could be applied to my building. Simple things like classroom management for weaker teachers, tardy and truancy sweeps toward the end of the day, or periodic visits to clear the halls. The kinds of things that don’t take much effort, but you wouldn’t necessarily do for people that you think are a thorn in your side, for disagreements over policies in the past.

Also, you might notice the December banner! Yay! It’s all snowflakes and winter, with animation, because, well…it’s December. It’s also delightfully without Christmas, Channukah, or Kwanzaa. Not even Wookiee Life Day. Reaching back in time, it was a dispute about the First Amendment in Schools, and what was appropriate to display and/or say, that had much of my team declared Rebels and Loudmouths. It is hard to believe it is about a year later, and I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t dreading what displays might be up on the walls of the school this year. I would much rather celebrate solid student work, and put up excellent displays of their projects, than provide tired information about holidays that the rest of America is aggressively advertising. It’s tough, because when all of the Christmas stuff happens, if you’re an outsider of any kind, it’s pretty alienating.

Still, I’m happy with the banner art. It could have been more perfect, but could have been less, and it was fun going through the archives of old color pieces to make the composite. I miss the Inhumans style jacket, as a uniform…but it doesn’t seem to fit right, any longer. It was a bold look, in many ways sharper than the current uniform our hero wears.

The day should go pretty well, to be honest. The first day back, the students are usually calm, and I have another chapter of the Hobbit that is quite good. That will lead to a plot analysis of the first six chapters on Tuesday, which is pretty solid work. The secret to keeping your class in order, True Believers, is to first…have enough work. Second…it has to be challenging, but not impossible. That actually engages the students in the work, and keeps them on task. If those two things are in place, classroom management is far easier. Just saying, to anyone who might be reading.

Our typical Monday evening teacher meeting will be happening as well. On that, I have the following art:

Bea Arthur has a point, guys.

Bea Arthur has a point, guys.

So, clearly, this was drawn over vacation, when still quite close to the borders of the Adorable Zone. The more important fact here is that yes…Bea Arthur was in the Star Wars Holiday Special in 1978, as the night shift bartender in the Mos Eisley Cantina where Ben cuts off a guy’s arm, and Harrison Ford shoots first. Don’t believe me? Click here for the summary, or here to see horrible low quality video of her musical number. I kid you NOT.

I’m thinking Adorable Zone Bea Arthur could need to be a recurring character.

Still, Space Bea Arthur is very much on point here, with her observations. With the need to clean things up in the next couple of days, I’m not so sure if the people in place are the ones that can rise to the occasion. I’m not talking directly about administration here, either. There are whole zones of our campus that are out of control, and that’s the responsibility of people lateral to my position, not above it. It’s all well and good to complain about people above you having little follow through…but sometimes, you have to look in the mirror and ask, “Am I pulling my weight?” It’s tough to do that, and I think a large number of us should.

Space Bea Arthur seems skeptical of the credibility of the extras. She might have a point.

Next Issue: Karma Chameleons!

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