Questions In The Underworld.

It's a long way down for answers.

It’s a long way down for answers.

A week after the District Suits arrived, many staff members are looking for answers. I would also like answers, and a new direction, to see some sort of change to fix the school. Our Union Representative would like to see change as well, and there is debate about when the findings of the Suit Team will be made public. Some teachers believe it to be the day this posts, others believe that it will be as late as next Tuesday, the 16th.

I’m not so sure that the findings matter that much to me. Instead, I’d like to see more function. If the day to day operations changed in a way that let me teach, without real interruption, and serious academic support, I could let the findings go. Word has it that there are major problems that the Suits found, and they were upset. Sadly, to me, all of that material is hearsay, something told to me by someone who may or may not have been in the meetings that were relevant.

Interestingly, this quest for answers comes the same week that I need to prepare final report card grades. Students are two weeks away from final grades for the semester, and this is when the District steps in, and when schedules are STILL being changed for students. It’s a bit frightening, and far from the “student centered paradigm” that I tend to attempt to produce. As far as first semester goes, there is little to be done to find remedy for either students or staff. As my Union Rep correctly said today, we need to make changes going forward.

Still…a big part of me, like the staff, wants to know. We want answers about the survey, we want to see if our voices have been heard. It’s important to us that the District somehow be aware of the day to day challenges, to see what our experiences are. We want to be validated, as we struggle in this challenging environment, and we want to feel that the struggle is not covered up, or swept under any kind of rug. We want to feel…heck, I want to feel, that someone knows.

If they know, maybe they can do something to help. Not just the staff, but the students, students who deserve a better school.

In order to do that, you have to ask rough questions, and be willing to face the answers to them. I’m not sure if that’s the case here.


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