Princess Celestia is Here!

Princess Celestia has the powers of the Sun.  The protagonist likes throwing things into the Sun.  a match made in heaven.

Princess Celestia has the powers of the Sun. The protagonist likes throwing things into the Sun. a match made in heaven.

As the final moments of my last period class on Friday approached, a cautious hand was raised. I called on the young lady, and she asked, “So, are you going to Build a Bear right after school?” I waited a moment, and answered, “I might get a speeding ticket.” The class laughed, amused.

Build a Bear just released their newest Pony, Princess Celestia. You can get one online by clicking here. I prefer going in and going through the whole rigamarole of stuffing, the heart ceremony, and dressing them, so the online button doesn’t do that much for me. Especially after a hard week getting through school, I’m really trying to focus on having serious positives on the weekend.

So, by 4:30 PM, I was busy making my Celestia, who will be overseeing my grade entry this weekend, and the planning of my Hobbit themed scavenger hunt at school, tentatively called Hobbitpalooza. I’ll need to use the button making machine to make a sort of day pass for Hobbitpalooza, and considered some sort of Hobbit themed pony. That led to me wanting to draw another “Heat mane pony,” which gave us bonus art for today.

Celestia at rest.

Celestia at rest.

That, in itself would make a pretty good button, to be honest. I liked the idea of being able to do variants of it, so I ran off a cutout version of it as well, isolated in Portable Network Graphic form:


Even with the amount of Take Home Work this weekend, not much of it is that onerous. I am basically on a Same Day drawing deadline, so I hope to get a couple of days ahead this weekend. That would make Adequacy itself less of a source of stress, since I dislike ever missing a post. Given the chore that color was today, I could have gotten two pages of black and white done and inked. Sigh.

I’m also always confused that Equestria Daily never shows Adequacy any love. Equestria Daily is a pretty excellent news source for all your Pony related needs, by the way. Still, there is a pretty constant stream of Pony related content here, and we even link to Superheroes and Ponies, who to my knowledge also hasn’t gotten any love. Despite the sheer volume of Ponies both in my strip and in my house, it appears the Bronies show us no love. Double sigh.

Next Issue: Jumbo Shrimp!


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