Nobody Cuts Down Trees for Pepper Pot Day.

Poor Baby Groot!  Not only is he an Alien American, but being of Botanical Heritage, he's offended even more.

Poor Baby Groot! Not only is he an Alien American, but being of Botanical Heritage, he’s offended even more.

I suppose that’s more of a Toddler Groot…I wanted a tree reminiscent of the tree in the Charlie Brown Christmas Special.

Seriously…what would be more offensive to Groot, Baby Groot or otherwise, than the idea of Christmas Trees? A bunch of people come by and cut down your bretheren, only to decorate the bodies with lights and glitter and put them on display in their houses. It’s a wonder that Groot isn’t taking interviews on the Daily Show as a major proponent of the War on Christmas.

This was topical enough, since my school had a couple of pretty serious Christmas Trees, and today had their “Winter Holiday Staff Celebration.” I didn’t have any kind of pseudo-Christmas in me. The day had been solid, with a very well run “Hobbit Event,” and then a variety of meeting time guest stars. District Suits returned with their findings and recommendations…which seemed to amount to something of a fresh coat of paint, if you follow the metaphor. The Union Area Rep came, and acted like she was confused, basically asking US to rally for the various negotiations downtown, while almost refusing to follow up on our school site concerns. It was certainly revealed that my opinion of Union Area Reps has never been wrong…sadly.

A heavy hitter in Pledge LA was on campus…in fact, both of the big league players. I had a pretty positive talk with one of them, where she really understood that the Trees were a waste of time, money, and effort. We could be showcasing student work, or honoring the Students of the Month in that space. We could be using it as an information kiosk, or put some sort of student artwork there. If the student artwork is Christmas themed…well, I have to respect that. That’s STUDENT expression. She understood it, and also couldn’t believe that after all the acrimony last year, anyone would go that direction.

I’m also pretty sure it wasn’t the Big Chair that said, “Let’s do that thing.” It takes a lot of effort to vocalize that, to give it reality. The fact is, I think that the Top has had enough going on that Christmas Trees and so forth are completely under the radar…just not something that needs to be attended to. By the same token, I also didn’t feel that I could be bothered with going to a “Staff Winter Holiday Celebration.”

I did, however, wear my Baby Groot t-shirt today. A Baby Groot sans tinsel and ornaments, as it should be.

Oh…and Pepper Pot Day is a real thing. December 29th. This real, actual holiday commemorates a thick, spicy soup that was created to feed the Continental Army during the fantastically harsh winter of 1777-78. George Washington’s chef combined scraps of tripe, small bits of meat and some peppercorn with spices to create “the soup that won the war.” Pepper Pot Day.

It’s even an American Holiday endorsed by one of the Titan Presidents of the Age of Yore.

As Stan Lee would say…Exclesior!


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