Union Meeting: They Sent us Betty White.

This meeting was in the Library...shelved under Non Fiction.

This meeting was in the Library…shelved under Non Fiction.

So, as I stated previously, the Big Day happened. District Suits came by with their Recommendations, which seemed pretty…weak. Talk at the watercooler suggests that there are more sweeping changes coming Behind the Scenes, but to the rank and file teachers, it seemed like not much of anything happened. A large number of Suits came, they took notes and statements, and pretty much seemed to say, “Carry on.”

At the end of Suitfest, we had our UTLA meeting. Initially, the Principal was supposed to be present, so that we could discuss concerns and such with him. That didn’t happen, which is disappointing. It struck me that we were in a moment that would be hard to reproduce where he would be conducive to working with us, receptive to the idea of a non adversarial solution to operational problems. We had asked UTLA to send the Secondary Vice President and the Area Rep…under pressure, the Area Rep made it.

The Principal did not remain, though. I honestly don’t know if the invite didn’t happen, or there was confusion, or if he just followed the Suits out. Our Union Meeting happened though, and our Area Rep launched into a long speech about how we needed to go to rallies to support the Union President’s agenda. We kept trying to steer the conversation back to some of the issues on our campus, such as minutes that we are working, and theoretically not being paid for. That’s a biggie for Unions. A real biggie.

When that came up, she was reluctant to get to a grievance, despite the fact that around two dozen of us had already filled out the paperwork. Bewilderingly, she returned to things that the Union had done for us as a whole, and that we needed to rally for things that were less immediate.

A science teacher who is well respected called her out on this, to which she responded, “I am offended, sir!” He replied, “Be offended, but go out and do something to help us out. I’m tired of hearing what the Union wants me to do…I want someone to step in and help us with a bad situation.”

Despite a half a dozen teachers sticking to those particular issues, she refused to. The white haired older woman simply had a sales pitch for us on how to solve issues without contract grievances (which would, after all, give her work), and how much that Alex Caputo-Pearl was doing for us, that we apparently didn’t appreciate. When she left, the meeting went on for slightly longer, and our entire chapter seemed unsatisfied. I had a few solid moments of comedy there.

Our School Union Rep was unhappy. She suggested that we might reach out to a more aggressive Area Rep for assistance. The consensus was that we sent out for Rambo, and they sent us Betty White. In fact, Betty White curses a whole lot, so it’s like they didn’t even do that. Sigh.

Directly after that, we were supposed to go to the staff “Winter Holiday Event.” There is no way for that to be mandatory, so I exited stage left. Interestingly, as I departed I did note that a large amount of the slowly growing Christmas material in the main building had been taken down. It might have been at the behest of Pledge LA, who I spoke to, or it might have simply been used to decorate the staff event. Still, it did lead me to want to do a color version of panel two. I did a quick and dirty literal cut and paste, to isolate the characters, and import into a Winter Background.

With animated snowflakes.

With animated snowflakes.

About Baby Groot, now clearly mostly undecorated (see how that connects to the post?) as a continuity problem. I want to say this before I get mail about it. Yes, Baby Groot was HUGE like, yesterday. It was way more convenient to put Baby Groot under the protagonist’s arm, so I went that way. It could be Pym Particles, or anything it needs to be, it worked in the panel. I also decided that the flowerpot should be the same one that the band Devo used as hats in the music video for “Whip It.”

As it is, I’m pretty happy with the quick color/cut/paste/animate that the image represents. It came together fast, when I should have been working on Friday’s post. I just decided that it needed to happen, you know? Also, I will NEED to make it into a button tonight, for the next couple of days of wear.

Also…our hero is wearing a white shirt. No red shirt, showing alliance with the Union Hulks, since they clearly aren’t backing the play of the teachers they absorb money from. That white t-shirt is the one that she wore with the Inhumans style jacket (a costume I liked) and presumably the shirt she has been wearing under the Skrull Vest for the entire semester. Back to basics.

I look forward to drawing the Vacation Shirt soon.

Next Issue: Last Day, Winter Break!


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