Lock S-foils in attack position!

This was a bit of a chore.

This was a bit of a chore.

So, the protagonist’s posture is really odd here. I was trying to get her standing in a more guarded position, and get a different perspective on her feet, less directly side or straight view…but to me, it looks like she’s dodging that X-Wing logo. I’m still pretty happy with it, regardless of the odd position. Maybe the header startled her, and she thinks a mess of X-wings are going to open fire on her, and wreck her outfit.

So…as of the coming of 2015, we live in a new world of comics publication. Star Wars has “come home” to Marvel, as it is being sold by Marvel/Disney. Dark Horse’s very long licensing agreement is over, and now, the various Star Wars comics will be done by Marvel…since BOTH companies are now owned by Disney.

This isn’t a bad thing. I would like to see some of the Dark Horse material stay in print, since a quantity of it was in fact, very solid. All the new material will be utilizing the familiar, original trilogy characters, from the look of things in the time frame between Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back. That way you keep Han Solo in circulation, and the Empire is at the height of its influence and power. Dramatically speaking, it is the best choice.

Bleeding Cool has been keeping rather meticulous count of the very large number of variants for the upcoming Star Wars title. Last I had checked, it was at well over fifty.

So, in terms of the art, some of the elements in the piece have to do with that changeover. The Skrull space princess, for one thing, and the jacket that Luke wears to get his medal at the end of Star Wars. Classic, Alec Guinness Ben Kenobi, the patron saint of crummy teachers. As I say often, “Kenobi’s failure as a teacher menaced the universe for twenty years. My failures, although less spectacular, are more numerous.” Also the inclusion of the old Marvel top corner cover symbol, with Luke in his space pajamas. Still, the connections to the Marvel changeover were an afterthought.

My friend and I got a copy of the Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game. Last weekend we finally cracked the box open, and played it. Despite the really bewildering array of things inside the box, the game was actually pretty easy to set up, and pretty easy to play. Startlingly so, actually, given the complexity of all the gear. No algebra, geometry, or complex charts needed.

The boxed set comes with one X-Wing and two TIES, which are pretty evenly matched if you use all of them. Clearly, the idea is to go out and buy other tiny spaceships, to expand the game. Even with that obvious pay as you play mechanic, none of the “Expansions” are all that pricey, and it maintains an idea of fun…you are, after all, collecting tiny spaceships and then playing with them. You know, like adult children.

That’s a big part of what makes it very playable. It seems clear that the people who made the game had the idea that it should just be a set of rules for playing with your “action toys,” and not necessarily a “realistic representation of space combat.” Although, to be honest, I don’t see who would be the judge of realism in space combat. Buzz Aldrin, maybe?

Still, it was a good game. Very enjoyable. You can pick it up, and browse various content about it, here.

In another related point, I watched the majority of Star Wars: Rebels at this point, just this past week. It certainly took a few episodes to hit a stride of some kind, but is pretty watchable. Much more than I found the Clone Wars to be. I find the spaceship related stuff far more interested than the Jedi Training plotline, but that’s probably pretty obvious, given the couple of paragraphs about an X-Wing game.

Until Monday…May the Force be With You (and avoid Skrull Space Princesses)!


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