Stay On Target…

A No-Prize to anyone that realized that would be General Dodonna in Panel Two.

A No-Prize to anyone that realized that would be General Dodonna in Panel Two.

I felt like Skrull Space Princess could have another outing. It’s modestly fun to draw her. Also…over the weekend, we gave the X-Wing game another test drive, introducing new ships, fancy pilots, and asteroid tokens. The game took slightly longer, but didn’t get any more complicated…in fact, the game play is simple enough that the system stayed brisk and interesting. That’s a good thing.

Ironically, Biggs Darklighter (as a fancy pilot) really brings the thunder if you hook him up with Artoo. Since in the story, Biggs gets killed horribly instead of Luke, Biggs’ speacial ability is that if a friendly ship is reasonably near him, he’s the only ship opponents can target (more or less). Artoo repairs your shields if you don’t fly your little spaceship like an idiot. So…you force everyone to target Biggs, only to have Artoo fix up his ship, and prevent your enemy from making progress.

Seriously..its a game ADVANTAGE for Biggs to be the Nuclear Fall Guy. Go figure. It makes me sad that I didn’t go for a Biggs Darklighter joke above…but the art had been drawn already.

A moment of commentary on the scene referenced above. If the Death Star’s fatal exhaust port is in an equatorial trench lined with laser guns…why get in the trench way, way far away from the target, and drive for miles inside it, with @#$% lasers shooting at you? Why not use the targeting computer that we see that they clearly have, and go right to the target? Heck…since it’s on the floor of the trench, why enter the trench at all? It’s an easier shot perpendicular to the trench itself, or straight on.

That’s bugged me for a while. I imagine that the targeting computer uses Apple Maps. I dislike Apple Maps, a whole lot, as it clear from the punch line.

Since on Thursday I’m taking a road trip to Santa Barbara, navigation and maps are very much on my mind. I get lost in my own neighborhood looking for parking, so I NEED a solid navigational tool. I think that it is amazing that yes, I have a navigation aid in my car that talk to me…Luke Skywalker didn’t even have that. Not only does he turn off the targeting…but Artoo Detoo only beeps and whistles. My car, like Knight Rider, can talk.

And it does NOT use Apple Maps.

More or less a post about nothing, True Believers, as we enter the final week of Winter Break. Soon, the posts will be full of politics and drama again, so let’s not get spoiled.

Next Issue: SHIELD!

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